Terra Debuts Wide -Fi

Leading weatherproof loudspeaker company introduces industry's most durable Dual Voice Coil solution

The new Terra "Wide -Fi™" Loudspeakers are designed for stereo sound in one single housing. These completely waterproof speakers use innovative technologies to deliver the sound quality you expect of a fine indoor speaker... outdoors. But unlike most of us, it could care less about the weather. The CA is the in -wall option where the AC is for those stand alone locations. The world is shrinking around us. Don't let that interfere with your quality of sound. Get the sound you want in the space you have.

Terra introduces the "Wide -Fi™" Custom Application Series Loudspeakers. The CA Series WF10 is a dual voice coil speaker in a small in -wall / ceiling frame. The Wide -Fi™ weatherproof loudspeaker is ideal because it's one small single speaker that performs in stereo. Great for those small locations where one speaker would be ideal, without sacrificing stereo sound. It features a 5 -1⁄4` ACAD™ (aluminum cone)/ MFCS™(spider -less) dual voice coil woofer with coaxial tweeters, paintable frame & grille and integral clamping tabs with captive screws, meaning no loose hardware. Great for saunas and high humidity settings like bathrooms, swimming pools or in marine environments. The design concept was to use the same size and shape of the existing CA.10 speaker so an installer could mix and match between the two models and keep the same look, with all the added function. These completely waterproof speakers use innovative technologies to combine the dynamics of traditional box speakers with the aesthetic advantages and placement flexibility of one single in -wall speaker, great for use indoors or out. Outstanding performer in wet or humid conditions.


Available as :

WF10.2S Square Frame 7"x 7"
Cutout Dimensions (HxW): 5.63` x 5.63`

WF10.2R Round frame 7.75" dia
Cutout Dimensions: 6.50" dia

Frequency Response: 75Hz - 20kHz, ±3dB

Sensitivity: 88dB (1 Watt @ 1m)
Power Handling: 100 Watts
Net Weight (Each): 5.0 lbs / 2.3 kg.


The new Terra "Wide -Fi™" All Climate Series Loudspeakers are a pair of stereo speakers, once again, in one single housing. The AC Series WF16 Wide -Fi™ weatherproof outdoor loudspeaker is unique because it is one speaker performing as two in stereo. Great for areas that can't accommodate two speakers this product fills a niche others can not. It consists of two (2) 5¼` ACAD™ (aluminum cone)/ MFCS™(spider -less) woofers with coaxial tweeters, removable multi -angle aluminum bracket with spin -on/off end caps, and a screw on dent -proof flexible grill. The WF16 is also available with a Conxall® watertight connector for high humidity and harsh environments for a truly waterproof speaker. One of the driving forces behind the design concept was to use the same size and shape of the existing AC.16 speaker, making installations a breeze for installers looking to keep similar appearances and functions. This waterproof, stereo speaker had been originally designed for marine use, so you know that if it can last there, it can last anywhere.


Frequency Response: 80Hz - 20kHz, ±3dB
Sensitivity: 90dB (1 Watt @ 1m)
Power Handling: 125 Watts
Cabinet Type: UniCavity™
Dimensions (HxWxD): 15` x 9.5` x 8.5`
Net Weight (Each): 14.0 lbs / 6.4 kg.


Magnetic Fluid Centering System (MFCS). In a conventional loudspeaker, the `spider` - typically a pleated fabric - acts like a spring to return the voice coil (and the cone) back to its starting position, centered within the magnet's gap.

The Terra bass driver does away with the spider entirely, instead using a special magnetic fluid in the gap. This fluid provides the restoring force - in the form of magnetic attraction - needed to guide the voice coil and keep it centered within the gap. Particularly at high output levels, the greater precision of the MFCS reduces non -linearity's and also permits longer cone excursion for greater output. And unlike a traditional spider - which is a mechanical device - the Terra MFCS is immune to harsh outdoor environments and won't degrade over time.

In addition, the magnetic fluid acts as a heat sink for the voice coil, which helps increase power handling by cooling the voice coil so it can handle more electric current.

Anodized Ceramic Aluminum Diaphragm (ACAD). One of the founding principles of Terra is that metal is the best choice for a speaker cone. Terra's proprietary anodizing method strengthens the aluminum cone and also damps it to minimize vibration. The result is a cone that's as light and rigid as possible - two qualities essential for producing great sound. And unlike ordinary cone materials, ACAD is immune to harsh outdoor environments and won't degrade over time.

UniCavity!` Enclosure. The best way to keep the elements out is to give them no way in. Terra's UniCavity enclosure is molded in one piece, via a rotational molding process that yields uniform wall thickness and a seamless appearance. The spin -on/off end caps that secure the multi -angle aluminum bracket attach to a screw post that is part of the mold (thus, no screw hole).


Who we are

Custom Audio Manufacturing of Maine (CAMM Inc.) began with some impressive history. A few of the employees working at NEAR® had learned a lot about how different technologies worked and interacted. Over the years they were able to appreciate the capabilities of quality drivers and created CAMM Inc. They now produce top quality speakers that install easily and require little or no maintenance.

What we do

Using two proprietary technologies, Magnetic Fluid Centering Systems (MFCS) and Anodized Ceramic Aluminum Diaphragms (ACAD), CAMM Inc. now designs and manufactures long lasting speakers providing true clarity of sound for both an indoor and outdoor line. The new Terra outdoor speakers exemplify this progressive thinking.

Another outdoor loudspeaker?

James Banfield, president and co -founder of CAMM, explains the inspiration for the Terra AC Series: `If you want an outdoor loudspeaker that really lasts, you should also want it to sound really good. Similarly, if you want an outdoor loudspeaker that really sounds good, you should also want it to really last.`

Banfield and his partner, vice president Chris Perron, looked at existing choices for outdoor loudspeakers and realized that few, if any, met both criteria. But before they started prototyping, Perron asked a number of custom installers a simple question: `Why would you sell a mediocre loudspeaker to a high -end client?` The responses he got convinced him that the market was ripe for a premium outdoor loudspeaker.

CEDIA EXPO. Terra and will be exhibiting in Booth #73 and at the CEDIA Expo 2005 tradeshow in Indianapolis, IN, September 7 - 11, 2005. Terra is also a proud sponsor of this year`s CEDIA expo.

For further information - including `Ten Tips for Better Outdoor Sound` - visit the Terra web site at www.terraspeakers.com.

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