iFocus launches DVR -E Models : Higher Specifications DVR at Lower Cost

iFocus has launched DVR-E which has high specifications but lower cost. It has advance features like Dynamic Port Web Based access, extremely small video frame size, Noise Filtering, Remote Recording, Email Alert, PTZ, VGA/TV/Spot outputs.

iFocus : Launching of new DVR -E

28 Jun 2005 : iFocus is pleased to announce the launching of DVR -E model. This is a DVR with high specifications but lower cost. It will eventually replace the existing high end DVR -C which has been well accepted by the market. DVR -E comes with many advance features like Spot monitor out, Pure Web Based remote access and Secured MPEG 4 video compression etc. Some of the features are listed below.

1) PURE WEB BASED remote dial in with DYNAMIC VIDEO PORT
DVR -E has an improved version of the web based dial in that is similar to our existing models. All the controls are clearly indicated in TEXT (example Live View, Playback, Download, Control). This will eliminate any confusion over what the icons represent. And, best of all, no software installation is required as the remote access is through web page. Multiple DVRs Internet access using a single dynamic broadband is made possible with our DYNAMIC VIDEO PORT feature.

2) VIDEO DOWNLOAD in Secured MPEG 4 format
Video downloading at the remote PC will be stored in Secured MPEG 4 format. That means, when you archive the video, you will require MUCH LESS time and Hard Disk space. Conversion of videos into AVI file is also possible.

With Secured Mpeg 4 video compression, you could get SUPER quality video at a size 1/5 of others. That means, with the same HD capacity (example 80GB HD), you could store up to FIVE TIMES more video. Or, you can have FIVE TIMES higher frame rate of recording for the same recording period.
As a guide, a 80GB HD can store about 20 weeks of recording for 4 cameras at 1 FPS/cam, 24 hours recording.

The video quality is much better with our special Video Noise Filtering feature. The compression is also SECURED with iFocus`s unique customization.

The refresh rate is MUCH FASTER with the small video file size. At remote modem dial in, the refresh rate can be up to total 16 FPS based on 4x4 display mode.

The user can perform an independent video recording at the remote PC while the DVR is doing it`s own recording.

The user can review the recorded video at the comfort of their PC station. Playback speed is available from 1x to 8X. This feature eliminates the need to go to the DVR for investigation. A truly advance feature found only in high end DVRs.

DVR -E can be programmed to send email upon alarm. The alarm can be from video motion triggering or external alarm trigger inputs. A JPEG video file will be attached with the videos captured during alarm. Alert will also happened when recording is being turned OFF.

Local and remote PTZ control is now possible. Local PTZ control can be performed using the IR controller or Front Keypad. The remote PTZ control is made through web page.

iFocus DVR -E can be hidden in secured location while the operation is in the open area.

iFocus DVR -E support VGA/TV/Spot monitor output. Whatever the display device, we have one that suits the situation.

This software would allow the user to do remote training, remote motion detection zone settings, remote monitor the DVR operations. This feature is normally available only in very high end DVRs.

This new development is part of iFocus`s continuous product improvement process. We thank our customers for their support so far and look forward to the continuous support for this new DVR -E.

For any further details or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us at shpeh@ifocus.com.sg or visit our website at www.ifocus.com.sg .

Thank you,

Seng Huat Peh B. Eng (Hon)
General Manager, Product Business Unit
iFocus Pte Ltd (ISO9001 Cert No. SG04/00092)
Creative Resource, 31 International Business Park, #04 -05, Singapore 609921
Tel : (65) 6560 2009, Fax : (65) 6566 9673, HP : (65) 9146 7350, shpeh@ifocus.com.sg

About iFocus Pte Ltd : iFocus is a well established ISO9001 certified company focusing on Digital Video Recorder R&D and manufacturing. Our DVRs, developed based on stable embedded OS, are sold worldwide. We have full range of DVRs from budget to high performance. Key features include IR Controller programming, full Web -Based remote dial in, Front Keypad, Secured MPEG4 compression, VMD, Secured Installations etc.

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