Press Release - NoviiMedia Offers Dads 20% Off

Just in time for Father's Day, NoviiMedia has announced that it will be slashing prices by up to 20% on several of its products.

San Francisco, CA, June 13th 2005

Just in time for Father's Day, NoviiMedia has announced that it will be slashing prices by up to 20% on several of its products. The offer from the up -and -coming handheld and smartphone software producer will be starting immediately and running until June 19th.

20% off the normal retail price means that the award -winning NoviiRemote Deluxe will be available for only $29.99, the NoviiRemote 2.6 for only $19.99, the NoviiRemote for PPC for $19.99 and the NoviiRemote for Nokia Smartphones for $8.99. You can purchase the software directly from the developer`s site at .

To draw a congratulation the customers would enjoy NoviiAnimator for only $9.95 that is 50% off!

NoviiMedia is currently the only developer of remote control software that offers compatible applications for handheld and smartphone platforms such as Palm, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

About NoviiMedia

Headquartered in San Francisco, NoviiMedia is engaged in the development of several lines of products for handheld computers. The firm's primary focus is the creation of software for using handheld computers and smartphones as remote controls in the home.

Novii is committed to delivering high quality solutions to the growing number of handheld owners who use their devices for fun and entertainment.

To learn more about today`s announcement, visit All products and service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

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