muvee quickSpin Takes You From Zero To muvee Hero In A Snap

New zero-click automatic video production tool, muvee quickSpin, takes fast, easy and fun muvee-making to the extreme, and adds in an element of surprise

Singapore (June 7, 2005) - muvee Technologies, the pioneer and global leader in Instant Personal Video, has launched its new zero -click automatic video production tool, muvee quickSpin. Offered as a free download, quickSpin takes fast, easy and fun muvee -making to the extreme, and adds in an element of surprise.

Emarson Victoria, muvee's VP of Product Strategy, said, "quickSpin epitomizes our concept of Instant Personal Video. We take video and pictures everywhere these days with our digital cameras and camera -phones, but most of the time this media sits untouched on our PCs because creating a meaningful production using traditional video editing tools is a daunting, time -consuming task for many. quickSpin introduces muvee's revolutionary way of creating emotionally compelling productions out of your video and photos with virtually zero effort. It literally takes only seconds to make a muvee and email it to friends so users get instant gratification and are moved to share their productions."

Upon launch, muvee quickSpin's intelligent media selection technology scans a user's My Documents folder for video, pictures and music, and automatically creates a finished muvee for preview in a matter of seconds without any user intervention. quickSpin offers some basic preference settings that let users pick a different style and specify which media folders to use before automatically making their muvees. There are also more than 100 additional styles themed for various occasions that are available for download from muvee's styleLabs at

Mr Victoria added, "The key to making a production engaging is not so much about selecting the right bits, but rather how the video, pictures and music are put together with effects and transitions. This is a difficult task on its own and most folks cannot fathom how muvee is able to do this automatically until they actually make their first muvee. With quickSpin, anyone can be a video pro. We want to encourage more folks to try it, discover the 'wow' for themselves, and start making their lives simpler. And if they want to do more, they can always graduate to muvee autoProducer.`

muvee quickSpin can be installed alongside muvee autoProducer, and is now available for download from quickSpin supports DV -AVI, MPEG -1 and WMV video input, and muvees can be saved in WMV format for emailing. Other technical specifications are available at

About muvee Technologies

Founded in 2001, muvee Technologies is the pioneer and global leader in a dynamic new field: Instant Personal Video. muvee`s award -winning autoProducer software features unique patented technology which revolutionizes the process of video production, allowing people to turn their raw video and photos into professional -looking finished `muvees` in hundreds of different styles. Users need no prior experience working with video, and each production is finished in seconds - literally thousands of times faster than is possible with conventional technology. muvee's products are available for the PC, camera phones and other platforms, and have sold into more than 150 countries worldwide. muvee's global partners include Hewlett -Packard, Nokia, Sony, Nikon and ATI. For more information, please visit

Notes to Editors

muvee (pronounced "mew -vee", as in "music video"), n., always lowercase

`Slick video production created in minutes using intelligent, automatic editing technology.

An abbreviation for muvee Technologies, the creators of muvee autoProducer software.

"muvee" is a registered trademark of muvee Technologies Pte Ltd.


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