Global Positioning System Helps Track Lost Pets

GlobalPetFinder Provides Security to Pet Owners

Jericho, NY - May 31, 2005 - GPS Tracks, LLC today announced the availability of the first patented Global Positioning System (GPS) location device for pets, GlobalPetFinder™. The device provides pet owners with the security of always knowing the location of their pet. Utilizing GPS technology and two -way wireless, FCC approved GlobalPetFinder automatically locates and reports the exact location of a lost pet directly to an owner's wireless device of choice (cell phone, PDA, Blackberry, or computer). GlobalPetFinder is a five -ounce device that snaps securely and comfortably onto a pet's collar (recommended for pets 30 lbs. and over).

GlobalPetFinder not only locates lost pets, but it also allows owners to check on the location of their pet at all times by dialing F -O -U -N -D on their chosen wireless device. GlobalPetFinder will immediately respond with the position (map or address depending on the device) of the pet. Pet owners can also monitor the environmental temperature of their pet, being alerted if temperature conditions become dangerously hot or cold for the pet.

"Each year, more than ten million pets are lost and the cost of handling these lost pets is approaching one billion dollars," said Jennifer Durst, the CEO of GPS Tracks, LLC. "GlobalPetFinder will provide pet owners with a peace of mind."

By logging onto the GlobalPetFinder website, pet owners can create a virtual fence for their pet. Once the pet leaves the set boundaries, the system alerts the owner that their pet has left the preset parameter and continues to send minute -to -minute updates to the wireless device of choice, such as a cell phone, PDA or computer, while the pet remains outside the approved area. The password -protected system provides owners with the option of programming their home fence and up to five additional fence locations for the park, beach or location of choice. In addition to the fence locations, owners can program the device with a "walk" setting, which allows the pet to travel outside the fenced areas undisturbed. Tracking may be initialized remotely from your wireless device should the pet break away.

The device is non -invasive and requires no installation or surgical implantation and does not use electric shock of any kind. The water -resistant device requires 3 rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries, included in the activation package. GlobalPetFinder will automatically alert the owner if batteries begin to run low and it is time for recharging.

Pricing & Availability

GlobalPetFinder is available exclusively through the website The price for the system is $349.99. Upon receipt of GlobalPetFinder, customers will be required to subscribe to the "Peace of Mind" plan for $17.99 a month and a one -time only activation fee of $34.99. Additional locate plans and details are available on the website.

About GPS Tracks, LLC

GPS Tracks designs and manufactures advanced technology products serving global positioning satellite applications. The company's premier product, globalpetfinder, is an innovative new technology that incorporates GPS and two -way wireless to automatically locate and report the exact location of a pet, directly to a client's cellular phone or PDA. Awarded several industry -critical patents, GPS Tracks is well positioned to serve pet owners worldwide. Founded in 2000, GPS Tracks is a privately held company with a national presence, headquartered in New York.

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