Annual Analyst Debates and Presentations Provide Stimulating Finale to Projection Summit

This year twelve market researchers will participate in three sessions, each focused on a segment of the market on Tuesday afternoon, June 8.

May 23, 2005. Once again the leading market and technology analysts for projection systems and big screen displays will gather at the Projection Summit Conference to debate the industry's prospects. This year twelve market researchers will participate in three sessions, each focused on a segment of the market on Tuesday afternoon, June 8.

"It's always fun to put these sessions together", says Chuck McLaughlin, a co -organizer of the conference. "There is a lot of talent and some unique individuals who have chosen to specialize in tracking and forecasting the explosive and sustained growth of big screen displays. We will have the leading analysts to share their visions and review their research."

The format for each of the three sessions will be the same. The moderator, Chuck McLaughlin, will begin with a summary presentation that compares the current forecasts of the analysts. A series of short presentations will be followed by a moderated debate of the key issues in each market segment. The two -day agenda for the PS05 conference and details for the schedule and session descriptions are available online at

The first analyst session will kick off after lunch on Tuesday and will focus on high performance projectors and the ProAV channel. Participating analysts include:

The forecast debate follows lunch and the keynote address on Tuesday, June 8 at 2:30. The Summit will once again welcome analysts from the six leading market research groups that track the presentation and consumer big screen markets. Participants in the debate will be:
" Bill Coggshall, Pacific Media Associates, perhaps has the longest commitment and focus on projection products and markets and more recently has expanded his analysis and coverage to all big screen opportunities.
" Mike Fisher, Decision Tree Consulting, has specialized in projection and big screen markets from his vantage point in the UK for nearly a decade.
" Sanju Khatri, iSuppli, is another veteran of the debates and her insights and views include vertical as well as mainstream segments.
" Eva Guterres, ICIA, will present her lattés research on government opportunism.
" Paul Martin, TFCinfo, another industry veteran, will present his latest research on system projector branding.

The second session will focus on Value Projectors and the IT channel.
Both Bill Coggshall and Paul Martin will do double duty on the second panel and be joined by:
" Tony Bicknell, Decision Tree Consulting, is another long term big screen industry expert with a keen knowledge of European trends.
" Midori Takaso, Techno Systems Research, brings a deeper supply chain view of the market as well as an Asian perspective.

The third and final session of the day will focus on the opportunities in the home market, where the recent gains of rear projection television are now challenged with bigger and cheaper big screen flat panels. Tony Bicknell, Sanju Khatri, and Midori Takaso will continue as panelists and be joined by:
" Ross Young, Displaysearch, will share his flat panel centric views of big screen market growth.
" Rosemary Abowd, Pacific Media Associates, will report on her research on home projection systems.
" Tamaryn Pratt, Qixel Research, will report again this year on their consumer research.
" Steve Marsland, McLaughlin Consulting Group, will report on his analysis of prospects for the largest big screens.
" Chris Nitz, 3M Precision Optics, will update their research on consumer preferences for large home TVs and present their latest forecasts.

Summarizing, each of the sessions will integrate a few brief presentations on market research with a spirited debate on prospects for projection and flat screen displays in each of the segments. Audience questions are welcomed.

Following the Projection Summit, attendees can close out the day at the annual InfoComm Manufacturers Forum, Opening Reception, and Awards Banquet. More information on the InfoComm exhibition, which features over 10,000 audiovisual communications products and services, as well as events and courses, is available at

Discounted registration ($1,095 for two days and includes all meals and beverages) is available at:

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