Furman Sound InfoComm 2005 Preview

Furman Sound is the world leader in the power conditioning market. The company began manufacturing products for the professional music industry in 1974...

New for InfoComm 2005:


SMP+ - Series Multi -Stage Protection Plus
Furman`s Series Multi -Stage Protection Plus (SMP+) delivers the purest AC power and the most comprehensive protection available, going far beyond what is found in traditional surge strips.

Furman`s proprietary SMP+ employs three important technologies:

• LiFT (Linear Filtering Technology) ensures that all sensitive audio/video components are fed linearly filtered AC power. This dramatically reduces noise, ensuring consistent, peak performance from A/V equipment.
• SMP (Series Multi -Stage Protection) stops electrical surges and spikes at greater levels than other available products without sacrificing itself, meaning it continues to do its job again and again without the need for maintenance, replacement, or replacement parts.
• EVS (Extreme Voltage Shutdown) responds to overvoltage conditions that would damage or destroy A/V equipment by shutting the system down.

Only Furman Sound offers the degree of protection found with SMP+ technology, and SMP+ is in the process of being implemented in all of Furman`s existing and new product lines.


AC -215 Power Purification and Protection Unit

With the AC -215 Furman Sound offers a compact power purification and protection unit that is ideal for mounting on the back of a flat screen television display, next to a projector, or in any application where discretely -located, remote power purification and protection are needed. This small easy -to -install unit includes two rear panel outlets and features all the protection and purification features of Furman`s SMP+ technology, including SMP for virtually maintenance -free AC surge protection, LiFT to assure audio/video clarity, and EVS to protect equipment from dangerous overvoltage situations.

AR -15 Voltage Regulator and Power Conditioner
The 15 -amp AR -15 delivers a stable 120 volts of AC power to protect equipment from problems caused by AC line voltage irregularities such as sags, brownouts, or overvoltages - all of which can cause sensitive electronic equipment to malfunction or sustain damage. The AR -15 accepts any input voltage from 97 V to 141 V and transforms it to a constant 120 V (±5 V). Additionally, the AR -15 is the only regulator available that filters and purifies AC power, reducing line noise and ensuring optimum performance. The AR -15, with eight rear panel outlets and one front outlet, includes all the features of the new SMP+ technology (described above).

Power Factor Pro R - - Power Conditioner with Current Reserve
The new Power Factor Pro R delivers a rack mount version of this popular power conditioning unit that was originally developed to allow instrument amplifiers to perform to their true potential despite the unpredictability of today`s AC power. However, once introduced, it became apparent that this technology had many more far -reaching applications. The Power Factor Pro R starts with the exclusive SMP+ technology (see above) for protection and purification of the power, and then goes a few steps further. Furman`s new Power Factor Correction technology adds another level of filtration that to dramatically lower AC line noise to unprecedented levels in the critical audio frequency band, making this the most advanced power conditioner ever built. The PF -Pro R also incorporates a current reservoir which stores up to 45 amps of current , ready to be delivered when amplifiers or other equipment need it most.
Housed in a compact single -rack space unit and featuring nine available outlets, the Power Factor Pro R will be used in applications that demand the highest level of power purification.

Featured Product

ELK Products -M1 GOLD with Two-Way Wireless

ELK Products -M1 GOLD with Two-Way Wireless

The M1 Gold Security & Automation Control combines security, fire, energy management, lighting, and access control to provide total control of the home. Easily integrating with products of industry partner manufacturers, M1 controls offer a truly customized solution. With remote access capabilities and simple, user-friendly interfaces, M1 keeps homeowners informed and in control, anytime, anywhere! ELK's Two-Way Wireless family of products for the M1 offers a truly secure and reliable wireless solution with cutting edge techniques such as frequency hopping and UL approved jamming detection to defend against interference, hacking, and jamming. Advanced features ensure reliability, extend battery life, and provide innovative security enhancements including wirelessly interconnected smoke detectors, motion detectors with built-in security/convenience lights, and key fobs with a system status inquiry button, allowing users to see if an alarm has been activated before entering the home.