Partnership with Publisher of `For Dummies` Books Designed to Help Frustrated Consumers Solve the HDTV Puzzle; New Digital TV Center on Dummies.com Now Live

Indianapolis, May 3, 2005 - - Acknowledging that the digital television transition has been hampered by consumer confusion with the myriad of options and technical jargon, TTE Corporation today announced its strategy to resolve misperceptions of the new technology. The manufacturer of RCA Digital Television, TTE is launching a series of initiatives designed to provide consumers with the information they need both before and after purchasing an RCA brand digital television.

The centerpiece of the outreach campaign is an exclusive partnership with Wiley Publishing, Inc. for the creation of an RCA and "For Dummies" co -branded pocket guide to Digital TV. This customized publication, "HDTV Buying Tips For Dummies", is designed to provide consumers with an easy -to -understand primer on all aspects of digital TV including common connections, how to receive programming, the various display formats and display technology options. In addition to the pocket guide, which is designed to be distributed at retail stores, a Digital TV Reference and Setup Guide will be packed with select RCA digital and high -definition televisions.

"As a leading manufacturer of digital televisions, it is our job to better inform consumers so they can make purchase decisions that are right for them," said Bharath Rajagopalan, Vice President of Product Marketing for TTE. "The 'For Dummies' brand has been a forerunner among reference book publishers in helping consumers understand complex technology. By combining the broad reach and popularity of 'For Dummies' books with the technical knowledge of TTE, we are confident that we will become the source of digital television information for consumers."

Internet Component Launched

A new Digital TV Center section of Dummies.com, sponsored by RCA Digital TV, went live this week. This section, located at www.dummies.com/go/rca, features technical articles along with RCA products and related information. In conjunction, RCA will include "For Dummies" book content as part of a new Learning Center to be launched on RCA.com later this year. This Learning Center will include information about the latest digital TV technology, including HDTV, and will be an additional source to help consumers to cut through the digital confusion in order to make an informed purchase decision.

"This educational outreach effort is an essential aspect of TTE's strategy to deliver affordable digital television to consumers. We believe that an educated consumer is a satisfied customer and through this effort, we hope to spur sales of digital television," Rajagopalan concluded.


About TTE Corporation
TTE Corporation, a joint venture between TCL and Thomson, is a leading global television enterprise. Established in July 2004, TTE specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales and marketing of television products. TTE offers a complete range of television products - from budget to premium, from basic features to high -end innovation, from analog to digital technology. TTE employs a highly -skilled workforce of over 29,000 personnel in five profit centers, five R&D centers and ten manufacturing plants around the world.

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