Zensys Launches Second Generation Z -Wave Chip

ZW0201 is the Lowest Priced, Most Efficient and Smallest Wireless System on Chip for Home Control

UPPER SADDLE RIVER, N.J. - -(BUSINESS WIRE) - -April 18, 2005 - -Zensys, makers of Z -Wave, the two -way, wireless, mesh network communications technology, announced today the launch of its second generation chip, the ZW0201. As the lowest priced, most efficient and smallest wireless solution in the home control space, the ZW0201 makes affordable, easy -to -use connected home solutions a reality for the mass market.

The ZW0201 System on Chip (SoC) is a complete wireless solution consisting of an integrated RF transceiver, an 8051 microcontroller, flash and SRAM memory storage and a range of peripherals.

The new Z -Wave SoC offers:

- - The lowest price in the industry. The ZW0201 is priced below $3 for quantities of 100,000 or more, and includes the Z -Wave mesh networking protocol.

- - The lowest power consumption in the industry. By using an internal wake -up timer instead of an external real -time clock in power down mode, the ZW0201 requires only 10 percent of the power of the successful Zensys 100 series system. This means battery -operated home control devices, like remote controls and PIR sensors, can operate for 10 years using two AAA batteries.

- - The most highly integrated chip in the industry. The ZW0201 requires only 15 external components (including decoupling).

- - The smallest size in the industry. The ZW0201 chip is available in a low profile small outline 0.9x5x5mm 32pin QFN (roughly the size of a matchstick head).

- - The lowest memory requirement in the industry. The Z -Wave mesh networking protocol and the customer application software fits within the on -chip 32KB flash memory.

- - The highest temperature tolerance in the industry. The ZW0201 is designed to operate in high temperature environments, enabling integration into light bulbs and other high temperature devices.

"In 2002, we introduced the 100 Series Z -Wave Single Chip which was the world's first wireless system on a chip for the home control market. Thanks to the 100 Series we have established our leadership position as the de -facto standard in the home control market," said Per Nathanaelson, President and CEO, Zensys. "The 200 Series Z -Wave SoC will enable our partners in the Z -Wave Alliance to extend their lead in making reliable and affordable home control solutions."

"As one of the first companies to embrace the Z -Wave technology, we have had the opportunity to 'test drive' the second -generation Z -Wave chip," said Bruno Pedersen, Senior Director, Danfoss. "We have been so impressed with the new chip - - particularly the ease with which it integrates into our products and its low price point - - that we are extending our relationship with Zensys and intend to incorporate the new chip into our thermostats as quickly as possible."

More than 100 companies, including industry giants Leviton, Intermatic, Danfoss and UEI Inc., have selected Z -Wave as their home control technology of choice and, according to Zensys' Nathanaelson, "Zensys expects these numbers to grow exponentially in the coming year."

According to Niels Thybo Johansen, Vice President of Research & Development, Zensys, "The 200 series System on Chip, developed over the last two years, is now ready for volume production. The ZW0201 is fully compatible with the 100 Series systems and can be incorporated easily into our customers' product lines. The new platform is the basis for future product developments in which we will drive costs down further while continuing to ensure easy migration for our customer base."

About Z -Wave

Developed by Zensys, a provider of wireless networking technology for control and status reading applications, Z -Wave is a low -cost, two -way, wireless mesh network communications technology that enables consumers to monitor and manage their lighting, security systems and other home controls easily, conveniently and securely from anywhere in the world. Z -Wave is a fully developed, affordable, easy -to -use and interoperable technology that is available in more than 40 wireless home control and automation products today.

For more information about Z -Wave, visit www.zen -sys.com.

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