PlanetSky Ltd.: A Brief Company Profile

Satellite connectivity rapidly graduated from providing limited solutions for a narrow market - to becoming a virtual necessity in the 21st Century

Satellite technology has undergone an enormous transformation. It began as a business of building channels over satellite for voice and data. Today, satellite technology has entirely altered the way we live.

Satellite connectivity rapidly graduated from providing limited solutions for a narrow market - to becoming a virtual necessity in the 21st Century: from voice and data, to broadband; video conferencing, IP multicast, package delivery, and disaster recovery; to telemedicine, remote surveillance, and interactive education.

Executives can video conference from home; educators can reach any distant corner of the globe; surgeons can share techniques with associates three continents away. Satellite solutions have wholly revolutionized communication and access to global information.

Established in 2000, PlanetSky fully understands the global needs for satellite -based communications. The company is strategically headquartered in Cyprus, at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, at the center of its customer base.

PlanetSky teams share a common technological vision and continually enhance our product and service portfolio. We maintain an active product planning strategy, which ensures a synergy with globally emerging opportunities. Our extensive portfolio of products spans a varied range and platforms, including DVB -IP, DVB -RCS, and DVB -SCPC and VOIP, With hubs at Cyprus, Paris, Switzerland, Hongkong, Washington, Amsterdam and Russia.

Innovation, Customer Care & Value -for -Money

Following its inception, PlanetSky quickly developed a distinguished and prestigious name in the satellite services arena, prompted in large part by its undivided attention to evolving customer requirements and dynamic developments in the technology environment. PlanetSky combines its seasoned business knowledge with industry -leading satellite technology and the extensive global satellite network to create connectivity solutions that precisely fulfill any personal or business need.

PlanetSky aims to be a significant leader in the satellite service industry, with innovative, reliable and cost -effective IP broadband delivery for home users, SMEs, Internet Cafés, large corporations, ISPs, and carriers. The company builds on its comprehensive access to regional satellites to create a platform of value -added IP services, backed by superior customer service and support, and currently offers products and services to meet all of your business requirements.

PlanetSky sustains a broad global perspective, with an elite board of directors and management teams comprised of multi -lingual, multi -national staff from diverse and specialized disciplines, with long -standing track records in all facets of business in global high -tech and carrier companies.

As a result of strong market insight, PlanetSky has developed robust market information systems, with ready capacity on satellites covering most of the world. We have a steadfast belief in the business, and are exceedingly confident with our expansion plans across the globe. PlanetSky is currently expanding its services into Africa, Central Asia, South Asia and South East Asia, as well as strengthening its presence in Europe and Middle East.

Sales Offices, Partners & Resellers

Understanding the need to reach and support its customers, PlanetSky built an expansive network of sales offices and representation across Europe, Africa, SAARC, the Middle East, Russia and the CIS.

In addition, in the global race to position itself among the most respected players, PlanetSky maintains distinctive Partner and Reseller policies, which offer extensive opportunities for the regional system integrators and IT distributors to enhance their profiles and solution -selling competence.

The Partner and Reseller programs further ensure a global reach and quality with our satellite fleet while, at the same time, offering a wealth of opportunities for our Partners and Resellers for sound business gains. We at PlanetSky share a common belief that PlanetSky Partners and Resellers are the lifeblood of the business - not mere sales agents.

Global Solutions

Whether you are an individual who wants to surf the Web as fast as possible, or a business that needs to connect thousands of locations spanning the globe, PlanetSky's substantial suite of services delivers the perfect satellite solution for you. We offer a broad selection of high -speed and dependable solutions geared toward every customer: individual users, small and medium size businesses, Internet cafés, ISPs, and large corporations.

To meet the most challenging business requirements, we provide a diverse and sophisticated range of Two -Way, Wireless, Telecommunications, Maritime, and Broadcasting solutions. PlanetSky knows what it takes to create a comprehensive solution. We understand the components and technology needed to design, engineer, and deploy superior and extensive satellite solutions, and will work with you to customize a solution for your home or business.

Featured Product

PureLink - HCE III TX/RX: 4K HDR over HDBaseT Extension System w/ Control and Bi-Directional PoE

PureLink - HCE III TX/RX: 4K HDR over HDBaseT Extension System w/ Control and Bi-Directional PoE

The HCE III Tx/Rx HDBaseT™ extension system offers full HDMI 2.0 compliance supporting HDR (High Dynamic Range) and 4K@60Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling. Featuring PureLink's proprietary Prcis codec, a light compression technology, the HCE III can transport Ultra HD/4K, multi-channel audio, and High Dynamic Range (10 bits support) content over a single CATx cable. The HCE III provides HDMI extension up to 130 feet (40 meters) at Ultra HD/4K and up to 230 ft. (70 meters) at 1080p over category cable with embedded multi-channel audio, CEC pass-through, bi-directional RS-232 and IR control, and PoE - all with zero loss and zero noise. The HCE III Tx/Rx also supports Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio plus LCPM (up to 192 kHz). Additionally, the low profile "slim box" enclosure design make the HCE III ideal for limited space installation environments, such as behind flat panel displays and video walls.