QMotions, Inc. Introduces QMotions -Baseball™

Gamers and sports enthusiasts can now enjoy top PC and XBox baseball video games by swinging their own bat.

QMotions, Inc. the leading developer of active game technologies, announces that QMotions -Baseball™, the newest addition to their line of "full motion game controllers", will begin shipping to retailers the first week in May 2005. QMotions began shipping its flagship product, QMotions -Golf, in May 2004.

QMotions -Baseball gives users the ultimate baseball video game experience by allowing them to play using their own bat. Users simply attach the QMotions Batter Up sleeve onto their bat, step up to the durable home plate and swing. Using foot -activated buttons on the plate, users can also choose their swing type and then swing their bat as the onscreen baseball approaches home plate.

"Whether players are seeking to learn, improve or just have fun, our controller brings baseball to life indoors in ways sports enthusiasts and gamers have never experienced before," said QMotions Vice President of Sales & Marketing Paul Kuptzin. "By using their own physical motion to compete, players really feel the excitement and challenge of the game."

The adjustable Batter Up sleeve works for left or right -handed batters and fits most wooden, metal and plastic bats. Sophisticated sensors built into the Batter Up sleeve and home plate read the timing and other elements of players' swings, accurately re -creating them onscreen. The home plate also contains foot -activated controls for choosing swing types - fly ball, ground ball and line drive - and head or feet first slides for base runners.

QMotions -Baseball is compatible with the most popular baseball titles for PC or Xbox®, including EA Sports™ MVP Baseball™ and ESPN Baseball. The home plate includes a five foot cable that plugs into the USB port of a PC or the standard game port on Xbox consoles. The Batter Up sleeve is powered by four AA batteries. The sleeve and the home plate, in its retail package, weighs less than 5 pounds.

QMotions -Baseball will be available for purchase starting in early May 2005 at major online resellers and retail stores throughout North America. Suggested retail price is $79.95. For more information, please visit www.qmotions.com.

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About QMotions, Inc. Headquartered in Riverside, CA, QMotions specializes in developing state -of -the -art PC and console -based gaming technologies that incorporate full motion participation from players. QMotions introduced its flagship product, QMotions -Golf, in the second -quarter of 2004. For more information, please call 951.786.9474.

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