Oregan™ Browser and UI Engine is the World's Most Widely Deployed Embedded Browser

London, UK, 8th April 2005 - Oregan Networks, a supplier of convergent media browser software for digital home entertainment devices, announcess a 3 million shipments milestone of its Oregan™ TV Browser

Title: Oregan™ Browser and UI Engine is the World's Most Widely Deployed Embedded Browser for Accessing Broadband Content on Internet -connected Televisions

London, UK, 8th April 2005 - Oregan Networks, a supplier of convergent media browser software for digital home entertainment devices, has announced that it has licensed over 3 million units of its Oregan™ Browser in the APAC, North America and EMEA territories. Oregan's embedded TV Browser enables access to rich media through intuitive user interfaces, created in Dynamic HTML and Macromedia® Flash® formats, on IP Set Top Boxes, Hybrid Digital Terrestrial deployments, Network DVD Players and Sony PlayStation gaming consoles.

The company's major volume deployments have been made by leaders in the technology and content markets such as Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Philips Electronics and NTT.

Since 1997, the Oregan solution has been evolving in continued alignment with W3C recommendations. Oregan Browser enables MSOs and device manufactures to deliver a consistent unified user interaction experience with the device, allowing for seamless navigation between various content sources including: IPTV / VOD, Web based content services, and media from the home network or local and portable storage devices, such as DVDs, Memory cards and USB appliances.

Oregan's CEO, Mark G Perry said: "Success of Oregan's Browser is determined by our rapid response to the evolving technology standards and the ability to precisely identify the market growth areas, such as connected gaming consoles and IP -based interactive entertainment delivery platforms. This has helped Oregan to keep its customers at the cutting edge of TV -based rich media applications. Oregan's fundamental advantage is that the visual quality of Oregan -powered user interfaces is comparable with MPEG -based DVD menu navigation - a dynamic, highly engaging experience, with unfolding menus, fast transitions and instant response to user interaction."

He added: "At Oregan, we intend to continue the roadmap of developing our existing offering, as well as enhancing the solutions portfolio for delivery of broadband entertainment and services to as many interoperable devices in the living room as possible, thus enabling our customers to address new markets and tap into new revenue sources."

About Oregan Networks Ltd.
Oregan Networks is a leading provider of embedded software for convergent digital home
entertainment devices. Oregan offers unique expertise in highly integrated media client
solutions catering for IPTV, VOD and home network media distribution.

Oregan is privately owned, with headquarters in London (UK) and branch offices in USA,
Japan and Taiwan. Since incorporation in 1997, the company has positioned itself to capitalise on the rapid expansion of the digital entertainment market, counting Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Philips Electronics amongst its customers.

Oregan participates in the UPnP® Forum and Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA), to
ensure compliance with rigorous quality and consumer device interoperability standards.

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Oregan PR contact: Milya Timergaleyeva

Email: press@oregan.net
Phone: +44 (0)20 8846 0993

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