Platform Designed To Provide Seamless And Easy Online Purchasing Experience

DivXNetworks, the company that created the revolutionary, patent -pending DivX video compression technology today announced that it has launched a new worldwide eCommerce platform with asknet, a global leader in outsourced electronic software sales and distribution services (ESD). asknet built and now hosts DivXNetworks eCommerce store located at www.DivX.com, featuring official DivX licensed software and hardware products.

To support site operations and the growth of DivXNetworks' online business with several million users, asknet is also providing order and transaction management, fraud prevention, 24/7 customer service and support, and access to joint promotional opportunities through its network of nearly 500 clients and partners.

"We're excited to partner with asknet in order to provide millions of global DivX users with a seamless and easy online purchasing experience," said DivX's Chief Operating Officer Kevin Hell. "The success of our eCommerce platform is crucial to our business, and we believe asknet provides a robust and easy -to -use solution that will meet the exacting needs of our consumers."

"asknet is excited to partner with one of the leaders in the digital video technology space," commented asknet Inc's Chief Executive Officer, Dietmar Waudig. "asknet's global eCommerce solutions are built with a high performance infrastructure that includes such modules as subscription management services, and allows asknet to support the millions of loyal DivX users. The addition of DivX to our rapidly growing list of international software publishers further supports asknet's concept of being the preferred alternative in eCommerce."

About asknet
asknet Inc. is one of the leading global providers of outsourced electronic software sales and distribution services (ESD). The company helps software and other digital media publishers to maximize their online sales by offering hosted eCommerce sites that combine flexibility, integration and transparency. asknet focuses on fast growing and already established software publishers that demand individualized service - -companies that have outgrown in -house and one -size -fits -all offerings.
From its own high -availability data center, asknet operates more than a hundred end -to -end eCommerce sites that promote, sell, license, distribute and maintain/upgrade software and digital media worldwide. Customers include ACD Systems, Anonymizer, Astaro, InterVideo, Konica/Minolta, Opera, Simple Star, Steganos, TechSmith and Webroot. For more information, please visit www.asknet.com/?pr=divx

About DivXNetworks
DivXNetworks is a consumer -focused video technology company positioned at the center of multimedia convergence. The company's core offering is the DivX ® video codec, among the world's most popular video compression technologies with over 160 million users worldwide. Often called "the MP3 of video," the patent -pending DivX video technology offers DVD -quality at 10 times greater compression than MPEG -2 files, enabling full length films to easily fit on a CD or be delivered over broadband connections. DivX video technology powers a range of applications that span the convergence value chain, from a secure IP -based video -on -demand solution to next -generation consumer electronics products and video software applications. DivXNetworks is headquartered in San Diego, California, with satellite offices in Los Angeles and San Jose, CA, Taipei, Taiwan, and Dortmund, Germany. For more information, visit http://www.divxnetworks.com.

Featured Product

PureLink - HCE III TX/RX: 4K HDR over HDBaseT Extension System w/ Control and Bi-Directional PoE

PureLink - HCE III TX/RX: 4K HDR over HDBaseT Extension System w/ Control and Bi-Directional PoE

The HCE III Tx/Rx HDBaseT™ extension system offers full HDMI 2.0 compliance supporting HDR (High Dynamic Range) and 4K@60Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling. Featuring PureLink's proprietary Prcis codec, a light compression technology, the HCE III can transport Ultra HD/4K, multi-channel audio, and High Dynamic Range (10 bits support) content over a single CATx cable. The HCE III provides HDMI extension up to 130 feet (40 meters) at Ultra HD/4K and up to 230 ft. (70 meters) at 1080p over category cable with embedded multi-channel audio, CEC pass-through, bi-directional RS-232 and IR control, and PoE - all with zero loss and zero noise. The HCE III Tx/Rx also supports Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio plus LCPM (up to 192 kHz). Additionally, the low profile "slim box" enclosure design make the HCE III ideal for limited space installation environments, such as behind flat panel displays and video walls.