IP Ethernet intercom includes integrated 2 -port network switch

Digital Acoustics announces a new member of their successful ii3 network products. The ii3-Mx integrates a 2-Port 10/100 switch to connect multiple IP devices, providing 2 way audio over LAN and Internet links. www.digitalacoustics.com

Network Intercom Supports Multiple IP Devices

Integrated 2 -port network switch lowers cost of installation

LAKE FOREST, IL April 6, 2005 At ISC -West '05 in Las Vegas, NV, Digital Acoustics announced today a new option for its popular ii3™ IP Intercom Series - the ii3 -Mx. The ii3 -Mx integrates a 2 -Port network switch allowing the connection of multiple IP devices on a single network "drop".

"Reducing installation cost and leveraging their existing infrastructure investment is important to our customers," said Bill Vernon, VP of Digital Acoustics. "By adding the 2 -port switch, we increase the number of IP devices supported on a single network drop. Now one cable run can support both the intercom and an IP video camera or access control device. You can even daisy -chain intercoms if desired."

For schools, adding new intercoms to a classroom is easily accomplished by using the same connection used by the teacher's computer for both the intercom and the computer, essentially plug 'n play. In a remote gate application, combining a wireless access point (WAP), an ii3 Intercom (with relay control) and an IP video camera, will create a complete remote gate management and monitoring system. When a building requires high intercom density due to multiple door control, like high security buildings or correctional facilities, a single CAT 5/6 run control multiple back -to -back intercoms.

These solutions, and others like them, benefit from having a 2 -port network switch integrated into the ii3 IP Intercom thereby leveraging the existing LAN cabling and increasing its usefulness. Installations do not require additional hubs/switches to support numerous additional devices resulting in a lower cost for the customer with quicker deployment. A Power -Over -Ethernet (POE) option further reduces the number of wires going to the end -point.

The ii3 -Mx's 2 -Port switch is available as an option on all ii3 IP Intercom Products. Designed for security, commercial and industrial communications, the ii3 IP Product Series includes: OEM cards, wall panels, desktop stations and rack -mount stations.

Pricing and Availability

ii3 -Mx, ii3 -EDWx, ii3 -EDBx and ii3 -EWxST IP Intercoms are available now; pricing under $390.00. Visit www.digitalacoustics.com or call Digital Acoustics Sales at (847) 604 -9256 for more information.

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About ii3 IP Intercoms and TalkMaster Software

The ii3 IP Intercom Series are quick -to -install, scalable, highly configurable two -way IP intercom stations. The intercom delivers high quality audio over Ethernet, wireless and fiber in local or wide area networks. The system is fully scalable to accommodate instant local and global connections. All ii3 Intercoms can be configured for point -to -point applications or serve the needs of the most demanding point -to -multipoint environments.

Using the TCP/IP network for two -way audio is simplified by Digital Acoustics' TalkMaster™ PC console software. TalkMaster provides a central command and control solution for multipoint configurations with critical support tools to manage communications and easily set up all products in the ii3 Intercom family. Fail -Forward™ fault detection provides for the automatic forwarding of intercoms to backup consoles should they be unable to reach their primary command and control location. The ii3 IP Intercom Series supports 100's of stations and eliminates the cost and inflexibility of traditional "head end" hardware.

Typical installations include two -way audio upgrades to existing video surveillance systems, access control, security systems, intrusion detection systems, military command and control, checkpoint management, IT Help Desks, school classroom communications, IP audio relay and many more.

About i/TalkX Software Development Kit

Using Digital Acoustics' i/TalkX SDK, developers of security, commercial and industrial solutions are able to incorporate TalkMaster audio control and management functions directly into their applications.

About Digital Acoustics

Digital Acoustics was founded in 1991 to develop products and solutions in the converging areas of speech, data communications, and semiconductor technology. Primarily focused on serving international OEM customers like Hewlett Packard, IBM, 3XFrance, Parliant, Creative Labs and France Telecom, the company is a leader in creating innovative digital voice and data systems. The predecessor of Digital Acoustics was Touchbase Systems, Inc, which pioneered the world's first high -speed portable modem in the mid -80's. Key members of that development team are executives at Digital Acoustics.

Today, Digital Acoustics' focus is in marketing its own state of the art audio -over -IP solutions. First shipping in November of 2003, the ii3 IP Intercom Series and TalkMasterTM software have been deployed in major corporations around the world, educational institutions, transportation applications, parking structures, residential security, military and government facilities, telemetry and aerospace applications, remote robotic vehicles and more. Digital Acoustics is a patent holder in the area of speech recognition and has several pending patents.

Digital Acoustics develops creative and useful technology, with the goal of turning those technologies into practical products that people can use.

Tel: +1 847 604 9256

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