ZVOX Audio Clarity -A Hit With Special Listeners

Hearing-impaired Owners Report Enhanced Clarity, Audibility

Swampscott, Massachusetts, March 21, 2005 -In an unexpected turn of events, the innovative ZVOX Audio 315 single -box home -theater speaker, is rapidly finding favor among hearing -impaired individuals who are finally able to enjoy watching television again because they can actually hear words and sound with enhanced clarity and definition.

ZVOX has received letters from customers about the surprising clarity of its 315 system, describing how hearing -impaired family members can understand the dialog on TV shows -in some cases, without the benefit of hearing aids. These listeners report a common thread regarding the ZVOX 315's unique, single -source music and movie surround -sound reproduction, typified by one owner who wrote:

"Dear ZVOX folks,
I've been an audiophile for many years and when I saw the ad in Home Theater for the ZVOX I decided to give it a try. After hooking it up I was checking it out when I noticed my wife sitting next to me had tears in her eyes. I asked her what was the matter. She said I can understand everything they are saying without my hearing aids. I didn't have it turned up as loud as I usually do. She is hard of hearing and this was an emotional experience for her. The enjoyment we are both having is worth far more than the $200 we paid for the ZVOX."

The ZVOX 315 is a unique, single -component audio system that features three speakers, a subwoofer, built -in amplifiers, electronics, and patent -pending PhaseCue™ signal processing which yield startlingly spacious and natural surround -sound presentation from single compact unit. Typically placed on top of, or beneath a TV or computer monitor the ZVOX 315 can also be used with a DVD or portable music player, cable or satellite TV set -top boxes, or virtually any other audio source.

"In reality, enhanced listening quality for hearing -challenged listeners was not a specific design goal," says Tom Hannaher, the audio -industry veteran who with speaker -design legend Winslow Burhoe co -founded ZVOX. "However, we're not surprised to learn, empirically, that this is a common response from many of our customers. Our PhaseCue processing, and extremely efficient speakers and amplifiers improve clarity and definition for all listeners."

There are three design features found in the ZVOX 315 which are key to the system's enhanced definition and intelligibility. First, PhaseCue processing creates a very wide, enveloping soundfield by incorporating "out -of -phase" information from recordings or broadcasts, for a "live" sound whose extended high frequencies enhance audio clarity. Next, the centered monaural "dialog -channel" speaker tends to "anchor" the sound, delivering highly intelligible voices and clear, robust, easy -to -hear audio. Finally, the ZVOX 315's high -performance speakers and amplifiers yield accurate, wide -range reproduction free of the substantial distortion common to virtually all "TV speakers," reproducing rich, focused, natural sound that is dramatically easier for all listeners to hear and enjoy.

The ZVOX 315 is a loudspeaker system that produces home -theater -quality surround sound from a cabinet just 17 inches wide and 14 deep. Its "keep -it -simple" design requires just one wire connection, and no additional controls or remotes, bringing even the most techno -phobic movie and music fans the pleasures of high -quality sound reproduction.

Availability: The ZVOX 315 is available factory direct or can be found in selected Best Buy and specialty retailers nationwide. For more information, visit ZVOX at www.zvoxaudio.com/hearing_impaired orcall toll -free, 1 -866 -FOR -ZVOX (1 -866 -367 -9869).

Suggested Retail Price: $199.99 Matte Black or Silver finish

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