MuxLab announces the Component Video/Digital Audio Balun (500050) allowing one full component video channel (480i/p,720p,1080i/p) and digital audio to be connected via Category 5 copper twisted pair for more cost-efficient cabling.

Montreal, Canada - MuxLab Inc (, a designer and manufacturer of audio -video connectivity solutions for copper twisted pair, announces its

latest product for the commercial and consumer audio -video industry...The Component Video/Digital Audio Balun (500050).

Developed for commercial AV integrators and custom home installers, the Component Video/Digital Audio Balun allows one full YPbPr/RGB video channel
plus one Dolby Digital or dts digital audio channel to be connected via Category 5 copper twisted pair cable in a point -to -point configuration for neater and more cost -efficient cabling.

The Component Video/Digital Audio Balun supports video formats 480i/p as well as high -definition formats 720p and 1080i/p, thereby allowing Cat5 UTP to be used in a wide range of audio -video applications, including satboxes, DVD players, plasmas, up -converters, cable boxes and other HDTV equipment. The product also supports one (1) additional digital audio connection for
connection to home theatre systems and features a modular RJ45 connector for ease of installation.

In regard to performance, the Component Video/Digital Audio Balun supports up to 1,000 ft and 500 ft via Cat5 in 480i/p and 720p/1080i/p (HDTV) modes
respectively for maximum multi -room cabling versatility.

The Component Video/Digital Audio Balun represents a breakthrough in cabling technology, allowing up to four (4) bulky and expensive coaxial cables to be replaced by one (1) Category 5 cable. Totally passive and requiring no power supply; the Component Video/Digital Audio Balun helps save a significant portion of the cabling cost in a point -to -point component video connection, without sacrificing picture quality.

The Component Video/Digital Audio Balun streamlines cabling in applications such as: digital signage, video -conferencing, boardroom systems, video advertising, medical monitoring , financial video systems, classroom
instruction, tradeshow demos, PC -training, airline information systems, courtroom video arraignment and home entertainment systems.

The Component Video/Digital Audio Balun respects EIA/TIA 568 wiring standards for copper twisted pair.

For more information, please contact MuxLab at +1 514 -905 -0588, or

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