The AC339-Aquasonic combines all three existing models into one simplifying the sale.

Clark Synthesis, the pioneers in Tactile Sound and Full Contact Audio™, announces a new generation Aquasonic pool speaker making it easier to buy, sell and install. Combining all three models into one makes it easy to buy then later decide what configuration they need. Eliminating the purchase confusion the AC339 makes stocking and buying an easy decision. Dealers will like stocking one model versus three. The new AC339 allows the installer or consumer to transform the award winning pool speaker into one of three configurations, making an ordinary day at the pool extraordinary by delivering powerful sound that can be enjoyed in or out of the water.

The AC339 comes ready to use right out of the box in the floating configuration, this allows hearing above and below the water line. The in -wall configuration (previous part # IQ339) is designed for installing into a Pentair/Amerlite light niche for stealth mounting of the Aquasonic speaker. The third version is the portable underwater model (previous part # AQ339) which can be used as a drop -in or portable speaker for sound below the surface for musical accompaniment while exercising, or synchro -swim meets.

Achieving impressive sound, while remaining otherwise unobtrusive to activities, the transducer measures only 11 -inches in diameter and 8 -inches high. The AC339 has a features a 25 -foot long Enduroflex® underwater cable. The unit is perfect for use in home pools, recreational centers, hotels, and lap pools and has been extensively tested for protection against water damage, electrical shock, and corrosion.

Clark Synthesis' Tactile Sound Technology has enhanced underwater sound to benefit synchronized swim teams, swim -in -place exercise pools, marine biology studies, diver communications, and to train the Orcas at SeaWorld Adventure Park! Other noted applications include the Cirque du Soleil 'O' show at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

MSRP of the AC339 is $599.95 each and will be available late October 2004.

For the dealer nearest you, please contact: Clark Synthesis, Inc., 8020 Southpark Circle, Suite 600, Littleton, CO. 80120. (P) 800.898.1945. (F) 303.797.7501. Web Site:

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