INVICTUS WINE GROUP introduces CELLAR CERVEAU(TM), a fully integrated, state -of -the -art system

For managing your wine collection regardless of size.

CARSON CITY, NV - March 7, 2005 - The IWG CELLAR CERVEAUTM family of products offers the first automated system for complete management of your wine cellar regardless of its size. Management of your wine collection can now be done easily and accurately with this feature -rich, user -friendly system. The CELLAR CERVEAUTM system ships with a database preconfigured with a wide range of listings of wineries, wine types, grape varieties, regions, appellations, and other pertinent data. These data are available to the user via the inventory search and data entry screens as drop -down lists loaded directly from the database to the user interface. All new entries not previously in the database are added for subsequent presentations. This feature greatly reduces the level of effort required for data entry and searches, and it also greatly reduces the likelihood of data input errors. A "Notes" field is associated with each entry in the database allowing for addition of tasting/review notes and other user information.

The system provides comprehensive inventory management features, allowing you to easily and accurately track all aspects of your collection. CELLAR CERVEAUTM includes such features as:

• Tracks Acquisition Date / Order & Delivery Dates / Date Cellared
• Quantity on Hand / Quantity on Order
• Last Date a Particular Wine Selection Was Added to Inventory
• Last Date a Particular Wine Selection Was Removed from Inventory
• Last Date a Particular Wine Selection Was Purchased
• Reorder/Restock Levels for Each Selection In Inventory
• Usage Statistics
• Tracks Trends in Preferences: System Monitors 'Pulls' Versus Preset Order Criteria for Auto -Ordering
• Graphical Mapping of Inventory to Cellar Location

CELLAR CERVEAUTM provides optional automatic inventory logging and tracking of wines [bottles or cases] using INVICTUS WINE GROUP's RFID -based Consumer Automation SolutionTM RFID Label. With this optional feature, bar -coded labels containing embedded Radio Frequency Identification devices can be added to cellar items. An additional feature of the RFID -based Consumer Automation SolutionTM provides a non -line of sight unauthorized removal alarm capability. This feature causes an alarm to be triggered if an attempt is made to remove a tagged item from the cellar without it first being cleared through CELLAR CERVEAUTM [authorization is a password protected function].

The CELLAR CERVEAUTM product line features both single -user, single -site and multi -user, multi -site options for wine collections ranging in size from 100 bottles to 100,000 or more! The multi -user systems provide network connectivity via 'Fast Ethernet' with 'Gigabit Ethernet' optional. Multi -site options can be configured to provide secure connectivity between locations, thereby allowing owners to maintain cellars at more than one location. Secure remote connectivity is also provided so that users can view their systems from any location with Internet connectivity.

• Single user, PC -based
• For collections ranging from 100 to 1000 bottles
• Comprehensive inventory management features
• Fully -scalable with upgrade available online
• Software priced from $295

• Sensibly priced system for mid -size cellars of up to 10,000 bottles
• Multi -user / Multi -site [based on licensing]
• Fully -scalable with upgrade available online
• Software package with single -user, single -site license priced from $495
• Integrated server -based system [rack -mount or free -standing] priced from $2795

• For large residential cellars of greater than 10,000 bottles
• Multi -user / Multi -site [based on licensing]
• Fully -scalable with upgrade available online
• Software package with three -user, two -site license priced from $4295
• Integrated server -based system [rack -mount or free -standing] priced from $6495

• Enterprise solution / Readily handles 100,000 bottles or more
• Multi -user / Multi -site
• Basic COMMERCIAL EDITION software package with five -user, three -site license priced from $7895
• Integrated server -based system [by quote]

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