A Whole BLU World, for You and Me

TRUAUDIO Introduces the BLU Series of Free Standing Speakers

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - March 1st, 2005 - TRUAUDIO entered a whole new world today with the introduction of the BLU Series of Free Standing loudspeakers. Brent Howard, the President of TruAudio says" Our dealers are a driving force in the development of new products at TruAudio and this is a product category that they have been asking for." A quote in the movie 'Field of Dreams' comes to mind - "If you build it, they will come". Our dealers have their own quote for TruAudio, "If you build it, we will buy".

The BLU Series will consist of three new models, the BLU -6R & BLU -6L towers ($600/pr), the BLU -5C center ($300/ea), and the BLU -5S bookshelf ($300/pr). They have stylish look and perform much higher than their price point would indicate. Dealers that use TruAudio for their Home Cinema and Whole House music wanted a "traditional" box speaker for their rooms that InWall or InCeiling speakers were not being used. Now, there are high performance yet very affordable options available to them and their clients.

The Towers are designated R -right and L -left since they feature an 8" passive woofer on one side to compliment the 6 ½" aluminum driver and 1" aluminum tweeter. Power handling is 150 watts. The Center is a low profile speaker with dual 5 ¼" woofers and a ¾" aluminum tweeter with power handing at 125 watts. The Bookshelf model is a compact 13" high with a 5 ¼" woofer and a ¾" aluminum tweeter. Power handling is also 120 watts. They are perfect if you want to show off their styling on an entertainment center shelf or tuck them into a cabinet.

The BLU Series are available in Black and Natural finishes. They are a great match with the existing CS Series of Subwoofers in 8", 10" and 12" models. TruAudio has put a lifetime warranty on the BLU Series.


TRU believers in architectural speaker innovation, TruAudio designs and manufactures a full line of premium -quality custom audio products. Our engineers go to great lengths to make sure our in -wall, in -ceiling and outdoor loudspeakers blend into any background, yet deliver unforgettable performances. We sell our audio products only through a limited number of Certified TruAudio Dealers across the country. Each dealer meets our high standards for premiere customer service and flawless installation. TruAudio absolutely backs up every set of TruAudio speakers with a Lifetime Warranty.

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