MuxLab Introduces First SCART Video Balun for Copper Twisted Pair

MuxLab Inc (, designer and manufacturer of audio-video connectivity solutions for copper twisted pair, announces the world's first audio-video balun for the European SCART/Péritel market....The SCART/Péritel Balun (500060, 500061).

Montreal, Canada : MuxLab Inc (, designer and manufacturer of audio -video connectivity solutions for copper twisted pair, announces the world's first audio -video balun for the European SCART/Péritel market....The SCART/Péritel Balun (500060, 500061).

Developed for the European audio -video market, SCART/Péritel Balun allows Composite Video, S -Video and stereo audio to be transmitted via Category 5
unshielded twisted pair (UTP), for more cost -efficient cabling in the SCART/Péritel/Euroconnector environment.

The product is the first of its kind in Europe and allows the SCART and Euroconnector standard to take advantage of cost -efficient copper twisted pair. The SCART/Péritel Balun works as a transmit/receive pair and features two models; the 500060 connects to the audio -video source and the 500061 connects to the audio -video receiver.

The SCART/Péritel Balun is part of MuxLab's total audio -video cabling solution and works in conjunction with MuxLab's other Composite Video/S -Video/Audio baluns and hubs for added cabling versatility.

Until the SCART Balun was introduced, the only way to connect most Euro AV equipment was via the traditional RCA and S -Video connectors on the rear of
the equipment. Used in pairs, the SCART/Péritel Balun supports Composite Video and S -Video up to 670m and 305m respectively via Category 5 twisted pair cable (UTP) in a point -to -point configuration.

The SCART/Péritel Balun is breakthrough in cabling technology, allowing bulky and expensive SCART cable to be replaced by one (1) Category 5 cable. Totally passive and requiring no power supply; the SCART/Péritel Balun helps save a significant portion of the cabling cost in point -to -point S -Video connections, without sacrificing picture quality.

The SCART/Péritel Balun streamlines cabling in applications such as: video -conferencing, projection systems, video advertising, medical monitoring , financial video systems, classroom instruction, tradeshow
demos, PC -training, airline information systems, courtroom video arraignment, home entertainment systems and CCTV security and surveillance

The SCART/Péritel Balun complies with wiring standards EN 50173, EIA/TIA 568, ISO/IEC DIS 11081 for unshielded twisted pair and will be available from leading MuxLab distributors in Europe.

For more information, please visit the MuxLab website ( or contact MuxLab at +1 514 -905 -0588, or

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