eDevice Interactive Vocal Server : remote control devices from your phone keypad

Once installed on an electronic device, the IVS connects to the PSTN/POTS and answers to calls issued by a remote phone. The IVS plays customized vocal messages stored in memory to guide the user that can browse the menu using its phone keypad.

Bordeaux, France - March,10th 2005 -

Thanks to the latest innovation from eDevice, you can remotely administer and control any equipment from a regular nanalog or mobile phone keypad.

The eDevice IVS connects to the analog phone network and automatically answers to calls issued by a remote phone. The IVS tells vocal messages stored in its own memory to guide the remote user that can browse the menu using its phone keypad.

The IVS flexibility allows full product customization by the customer for recorded voice messages, interactive menus and interface with the attached device. The IVS is an easy -to -use plug&play product available in a module format (eDmod) or in an external box format (eDbox).

The IVS small footprint (66 x 28 x 15 mm) and low cost (eDmod costs 61€ / 100 units) makes it affordable for a large range of devices to offer a very intuitive and universal new access mode that was previously reserved for call centers or PBXs.

Application Example: an HVAC control equipped with the eDevice IVS allows its owner to remotely activate/deactivate the air conditioning. The owner directly calls home from his mobile phone and then follows the vocal instructions told by the HVAC for authentication and control. An abnormal event detection will cause the sending of an email by the IVS to a technician who can then monitor the state of the device from his web browser.

Stefan Gonnet
eDevice marketing manager

Copyright eDevice 2005

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