RSC Air Series 2 Audio Cables Featuring Air -Suspension Filament Now Available From TARA Labs

New Design Provides Even Greater Separation Between the Shield And the Air- Tube For A Sound Quality That Is As Good As Live

Ashland, Oregon - -March 7, 2005 - -A sonic experience with true -to -live sound can now be achieved with TARA Labs new RSC Air(R) Series 2 audio cables featuring Air -Suspension(TM) filament to eliminate distortion. TARA Labs designs and manufactures high -performance audio and video cables. The RSC Air(R) Series 2 audio cables are hand -assembled in the TARA Labs factory in Ashland Oregon, USA.

"It's hard to imagine that the original RSC Air cables that made headlines for its unique design could be improved upon, but that exactly what we did," said Matthew Bond, TARA Labs founder and chief product designer. "This new design offers increased neutrality, transparency and a wonderfully detailed, spacious soundstage."

The RSC Air Series 2 cables uses a proprietary Air -Suspension filament, an aerospace -grade polyethylene extrusion, fitted over the central Air -Tube(TM) to provide a larger air space between the shield and the Air -Tube. The increased space decreases sound distortion and coloration resulting in better -quality sound reproduction.

A white paper released by the TARA Labs' engineering staff reports that when lesser quality dielectric materials, such as PVC, are used, energy is absorbed and released back into the conductor, out of phase with the audio signal, causing distortion and coloration in the mid -range and high frequencies.

"This latest introduction of the Series 2 cables demonstrates TARA Labs' continued commitment to produce cables which are not additive or reductive, but completely neutral, meaning the sound achieved through the cable is comparable to listening directly to the storage media from the original recording session," said Bond.

About TARA "The Absolute Reference Audio" Labs
Designer and manufacturer of high -end cables and accessories for home audio and home theater systems since 1986, TARA Labs is located in Ashland, Oregon. More information on RSC Air Series 2 cables or any TARA Labs product can be obtained on the TARA Labs website, or by calling 541 -488 -6465.

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Rebecca Barnhardt, TARA Labs,, 541.488.6465

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