Linn Products, Executive Lounge & Room 212 Sound and Vision, the Bristol Show, Marriott City Centre, Bristol, 25th - 27th February 2005

Linn Products will demonstrate a range of new high performance products in three complete entertainment systems. Products in two Linn rooms include the new CHAKRA Amplifier Range, making its world -wide début at the Bristol Show, and the new ARTIKULAT Loudspeaker System.

Each demonstration system is built around the latest UNIDISK universal disc playing source components for high quality playback of all silver disc formats and feature Linn's highest performance music and movie components including the flagship UNIDISK 1.1 player and the KLIMAX KONTROL reference pre -amplifier as well as the new UNIDISK SC. Combining high quality playback of all silver disc formats (including CD, Super Audio CD, DVD -Video and DVD -Audio) with the key functionality of a high -end AV processor, UNIDISK SC is simply the most significant integrated component in Linn's history. Regular demonstrations of the UNIDISK SC will take place in the Executive Lounge throughout the show.

Linn's second room (room 212) is dedicated to the brand new CHAKRA Power Amplifier Range - a series of high performance power amplifiers built around Linn's latest CHAKRA power amplifier topology. CHAKRA is a breakthrough in amplifier design offering significantly increased power, reliability and efficiency, whilst producing less heat, less distortion and using fewer components. A total of eight individual CHAKRA amplifiers designed for a variety of applications from stereo to multi -channel in either passive or active configuration provide consistent performance, controlled 'silent power' and pure sound for virtually any high quality entertainment system. Principal Engineers involved in the development of the CHAKRA topology will be on hand throughout the Bristol Show to offer insight into the development of the new CHAKRA topology.

Previewing for the first time in the UK in full production specification, the ARTIKULAT Loudspeaker System contains three full -range models available with either AKTIV -bass or fully integrated AKTIV. The ARTIKULAT 350A floor -standing loudspeaker, ARTIKULAT 320A compact loudspeaker and the ARTIKULAT 340A centre -channel loudspeaker are powered and fully AKTIV. The ARTIKULAT 350, ARTIKULAT 320 and the ARTIKULAT 340 centre -channel loudspeakers all feature AKTIV bass with passive crossovers for the upper -bass, mid -range and high -frequency drive units. A dedicated AKTIV, servo -driven bass reinforcement loudspeaker, the ARTIKULAT 345, completes the range. This demonstration system incorporates some of Linn's highest performance music and movie components including the flagship UNIDISK 1.1 player and the KLIMAX KONTROL reference pre -amplifier.

The new ARTIKULAT Loudspeaker System and the CHAKRA Power Amplifier Range are scheduled for launch in Spring/Summer 2005 and will be available from Linn Elite Retailers, Specialist Retailers and Custom Specialists world -wide. Further information on the technical breakthroughs made in CHAKRA amplification technology is published in the CHAKRA White Paper which is available on request.

Featured Product

Octava -4K UHD Video Over LAN Matrix Switch. Video Wall Processor

Octava -4K UHD Video Over LAN Matrix Switch. Video Wall Processor

The Octava PRO DSX is a simple to use, powerful video distribution solution designed to deliver HD video including 4k UHD from multiple sources to multiple displays. The PRO DSX also functions as a Video Wall processor to create n x m video walls. The PRO DSX delivers HD video over standard CATx LAN cables allowing for simple integration in virtually any infrastructure. The PRO DSX was specifically designed for ease of use for residential installations and engineered for scalability to accommodate large video distribution systems such as education, corporate , and hospitality applications. Easy to configure and customize for your video system - Build virtually any size video matrix switch system. The Pro DSX is a scalable platform enabling easy system growth. Simply add PRO DSX TX for each video sources required and a PRO DSX-RX per display. Video Wall Support- The PRO DSX features a built-in video wall processor that enables you to create custom video walls.