Panamax Safeguards Signal Lines with Eight New Protection Modules

PETALUMA, CA - February 11, 2005 - Recognizing the need to protect sensitive electronic systems from electrical surges transmitted through remote lines, Panamax, the industry -leading manufacturer of power conditioning and protection products, is unveiling eight new signal line protection modules. These new modules are designed to work with and complement the PM8 -EX, M4 -EX, M8 -EX and M8 -Pro product lines. The new signal line protection modules are also compatible with legacy towerMAX products. They will be available in April of 2005.

"Many of today's complex installations have a variety of signal lines going to and coming from remote locations. If left unprotected, the head -end system is open to damage from surges coming in on these lines," said Don King, director of product marketing at Panamax. "Our new family of add -on modules gives the installer the ability to customize the protection scheme and cover signal lines not protected by the primary surge protector or power conditioner."

The new Panamax signal line protection modules cover a wide spectrum of applications including analog and digital telephone lines, network lines, CATV and satellite TV lines, as well as outdoor speakers, keypads and control lines. Every protection circuit is "application specific" and has been designed for a particular type of equipment or use. And, as in the case of all Panamax products, each module is thoroughly tested for its protection capabilities relative to its intended use.

Here's a complete list of all eight new Panamax protection modules:

For outdoor speakers, keypads, and control lines. Features: screw terminals, 12 AWG maximum wire size, 8 wires protected, 47V clamping, 7 Amp (per wire) capacity. Power handling capacity for outdoor speakers: 225 Watts per channel for 4 Ohm speakers or 450 Watts per channel for 8 Ohm speakers.
MSRP: $49.95.

Provides protection for two satellite TV lines, one CATV line, and one telephone line. Satellite TV protection: bidirectional, 25V clamping with <1db attenuation from 950MHz to 2.2 GHz; CATV protection: bidirectional, 1.4V clamping with <1db attenuation up to 950 MHz; Phone line protection: 260V clamping, auto -resetting.
MSRP: $59.95

Provides protection for two analog telephone lines. Features: RJ -45 jacks (RJ -11/14 compatible), 4 wires protected (pins 3, 4, 5, & 6), 260V clamping, auto -resetting.
MSRP: $29.95

Provides protection for four analog telephone lines. RJ -11, RJ -14, RJ -45 and 110 punch -down blocks on both input and output for installation flexibility. Features: 8 wires protected, 260V clamping, auto -resetting.
MSRP: $49.95.

MOD -AT8110
Provides protection for eight analog telephone lines. Features: 110 punch -down blocks, 16 -wires protected (8 pair), 260V clamping, auto -resetting.
MSRP: $79.95.

Provides protection for four digital telephone lines. RJ -11, RJ -14, RJ -45, and 110 punch -down blocks on both input and output for installation flexibility. Features: 8 wires protected, 70V clamping, auto -resetting.
MSRP: $49.95.

Provides protection for 10/100 Base -T Ethernet lines. Features: RJ -45 jacks, 4 wires protected (pins 1, 2, 3 & 6), 7V clamping.
MSRP: $29.95

Provides protection for 10/100/1000 Base -T Ethernet lines. Features: 8 wires protected (4 pair), 19V Clamping, CAT5E compliant.
MSRP: $39.95

Panamax - The Industry`s Leader in Innovation and Technology

Panamax has been the premier power -conditioning manufacturer in the consumer electronics industry for over 30 years. Panamax has a staff of 5 full -time research & development specialists, and has introduced many technological innovations to the power -conditioning product arena. Panamax also has a high -power test laboratory that is certified by CSA to perform agency testing, and has drawn on an unparalleled understanding of noise filtration and surge protection to create the finest power -conditioning products available in the market today.

About Panamax

For over 30 years, Panamax has specialized in producing the most innovative power -conditioning products available to protect home and small business electronics equipment from damage caused by power surges and lightning. The company's extensive line of award -winning power conditioners is designed to safeguard a wide array of electrical equipment including computers, telephone systems, copiers, domestic appliances, home theater and direct broadcast satellite systems. Panamax is ISO 9001 -certified and markets its line of power conditioners throughout the U.S., Canada, Latin America and the Pacific rim. The company has earned numerous industry awards, and is backed by outstanding customer service and the best warranties the industry has to offer.

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