EDGE Group Announces Fast, Low -Cost Delivery for NEC Residential Plasma Products

Innovative Regional Program for Big-Screen Home Theater-style Displays Creates New Service Opportunities for Dealers and Custom Installers


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EDGE Group Announces Fast, Low -Cost Delivery for NEC Residential Plasma Products In Partnership with Watkins Motor Lines

Innovative Regional Program for Big -Screen Home Theater -style Displays Creates New Service Opportunities for Dealers and Custom Installers

DENVER, CO, Feb. 9, 2005 - The EDGE Distributors Group, a nationwide coalition of consumer electronics distributors serving the custom installation and specialty retail markets, has announced a new program to provide a fast, flexible, low -cost shipping solution for NEC's high -performance Showcase Series plasma TVs and related products. Created in partnership with Watkins Motor Lines, Inc., the nation`s largest privately held less -than -truckload (LTL) carrier, the innovative program offers rapid delivery of plasma displays at a highly affordable flat rate.

The new program opens up fresh customer service opportunities for dealers and custom installers alike. It also shows how The Edge Group's pro -active and dynamic approach works to supports its dealers. In partnering with Watkins, The EDGE Group has not only demonstrated its awareness that high freight costs can impede profitability, but taken the initiative to lower costs and speed deliveries. In many cases, the new program makes next -day delivery possible to all but the most far -flung reaches of the domestic U.S., and at a rate significantly lower than those from almost all other carriers. At the same time, EDGE customers retain full access to Watkins` renowned premium level services, such as Watkins Online Tools.

"We're impressed with Watkins' planning abilities and vision in creating this program with us," said EDGE Group President Michael Levy. "It's possible explosives might be more dangerous to move, and crystal glassware more fragile, but our customers are just as nervous when we ship plasma displays. After all, NEC's Showcase Series plasmas are precision components, faced in glass, that need to be delivered rapidly to fit our customers' demanding timelines, and in perfect condition. Fast, careful delivery is a powerful tool for us and our customers."

Because the shipping rate is per pallet, almost limitless product combinations are possible. For example, a dealer can assemble two 120 -pound 50 -inch plasma TVs, two 70 -pound swing -arm plasma brackets, and two pairs of 20 -pound speakers on a single pallet, and have them delivered in many cases the day after they're ordered, all at a single low rate.

Watkins' innovative service is made possible by the company's unique ability to pick up both regional and long -haul business on the same truck, then separate the regional freight at the terminal of origin and run it via dedicated equipment to a Regional Express hub. This innovative capability is a first for long -haul LTL carriers.

Since Watkins is a trucking company, not a moving company, its drivers do not carry the plasma displays up stairs or inside homes. However, Watkins offers a variety of additional services, from lift gates to inside white -glove delivery.

About The EDGE Group
Founded in 1999, the EDGE Group (www.edgegroup.org) consists of 12 regional distributors that primarily serve the premium U.S. custom installation market and select retailers. EDGE Group partners sell and support products aimed at residential value -added installers and specialty retailers. They encourage growth by their members and customers alike by carefully evaluating, then bringing to market the finest installation products available - emphasizing those that are reliable, innovative and exciting. Product lines the EDGE Group distributes and supports includes Channel Vision™, D -Tools, Focalpoint™, Isotec, NEC, Peerless Industries®, Optoma, and F -Conn Industries.

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