WSJ Cites IBS's Biggest Stars

An article appearing in the January 14, 2005 on-line edition of The Wall Street Journal cited Leviton's new AcentiTM Triplex Receptacle as one of this year's International Builders' Show (IBS) "biggest stars."

New AcentiTM Wiring Device from Leviton

Cited by The Wall Street Journal as one of IBS' "Biggest Stars"

Little Neck, NY, January, 27 2005 - An article appearing in the January 14, 2005 on -line edition of The Wall Street Journal cited Leviton's new Acenti(TM) Triplex Receptacle as one of this year's International Builders' Show (IBS) "biggest stars." The Acenti Triplex Receptacle, part of Leviton's new Acenti Collection, a line of premium grade wiring devices and lighting controls for design -conscious consumers, is Leviton's latest product offering and its most ambitious since the introduction of its legendary Decora(R) line of designer -style wiring devices more than 30 years ago. The new product line, introduced at this year's Builders Show, consists of more than forty premium grade wiring devices suitable for installation in high -end homes as well as commercial environments.

The Acenti Collection, a collaborative venture between Leviton and industrial design pacesetter IDEO, designer of the original mouse for Apple Computer, the PalmTM V handheld computer and the AcelaTM high speed commuter train, is quickly making a fashion statement among architects, builders, contractors, installers and discriminating homeowners.

"In the past where wiring devices were considered an unattractive element on a wall's surface, today they're being designed to aesthetically coordinate with luxury appliances, fixtures, furnishings and window and wall treatments," explains Jay Sherman, brand manager for the Acenti Collection and Director of Residential Marketing for Leviton. "We've designed -in many industry -leading features into the Acenti Collection, including the 'juiced up' receptacle which caught Ms. Fletcher's eye at the Builders' Show".

In a special real estate section, writer June Fletcher of The Wall Street Journal wrote, "Last year, one of the biggest stars of the International Builders' Show was an $8,000 Web -enabled refrigerator that included a computer monitor, stereo speakers and a digital camera. This year, it's a juiced -up electric socket." The article described the distinctive 3 -outlet design of the Acenti Triplex Receptacle and its unique ability to accommodate large transformer plugs common on today's cordless phones, cell phone chargers, answering machines and other consumer electronics without blocking the other outlets.

The Acenti Collection also includes a variety of dimmers, each with a simple, intuitive control scheme. Acenti dimmers and switches sport a signature blue LED locator light and push pad that is easy to operate and feature a "return -to -neutral position design" that creates a clean, uniform look, especially when multiple switches or dimmers are installed in multigang applications. Acenti's unique wallplate design eliminates the webbing between each device, creating a sleek, minimalist look. The highly designed collection of wiring devices also includes GFCIs and Surge Protected Receptacles. For more information, contact Leviton Manufacturing, 59 -25 Little Neck Parkway, Little Neck, NY. 11362,,
1 -888 -4 -ACENTI (1 -888 -422 -3684).

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