P-1400 was designed to deliver flawless High-Definition video from the output of your source to the input of your display device.

Costa Mesa, CA -The Patent Pending technology from Channel Vision, P -1400 was designed to deliver flawless High -Definition video from the output of your source to the input of your display device. To achieve this goal we have engineered an amplifier and cable that work together to distribute with zero signal loss to produce a perfect picture on every install. We realize that modern home theaters often have long cable runs from equipment to the display. Ceiling mounted projectors are usually the worst, with runs of over 50 feet being common. Coax cables all have loss that affects the sharpness and color of the image producing a soft, less than perfect picture. Even worse, this loss is frequency dependant! HDTV bandwidths of component video make this a serious problem. The P -1400 precisely pre -tunes the signals at the beginning of a 75 -foot cable so whatever goes in comes out the other end flawlessly with component, S -video, composite and a spare wire for a trigger.

About Channel Vision
Channel Vision has been a leading manufacturer of RF video distribution products, structured wiring enclosures and modules, security cameras, and high performance audio/video distribution systems for 13 years. Channel Vision manufactures a growing list of products designed to make today's homes more convenient, safe, and innovative. Channel Vision Central - structured wire systems, Aria - multi -room audio distribution, and Channel Vision Technology - home -theater and security products, combine to make Channel Vision a total packaged solution. Channel Vision also offers free design and technical assistance 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

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