NetStreams®' DigiLinX™ System Named Mark of Excellence Finalist

Breakthrough IP-based Whole-House Audio System Recognized by CEA for Revolutionary Design and Performance for the Digital Entertainment Age

Austin, TX - January 12, 2005 - NetStreams, the leader in IP -based Networked Audio/Video distribution, announced that its innovative new DigiLinX Networked Audio System was named a finalist in the 2005 Consumer Electronics Association's Mark of Excellence Awards. DigiLinX was chosen as a finalist for the category of IP -based Product of the Year, being the first IP -based multi -room audio system for the custom market. The system was singled out by the CEA for delivering the much -anticipated benefits of "convergence," effectively marrying computer networking technologies with high -fidelity audio, and marking the introduction of 'Networked Digital Entertainment.'

"Each of us at NetStreams feels very proud of having DigiLinX named a finalist in CEA's 2005 Mark of Excellence Awards," said Petro Shimonishi, Vice President of Marketing at NetStreams. "Every member of the NetStreams team dedicated themselves to producing DigiLinX, a system that brings both custom installers and homeowners the most versatile set of benefits available in whole -house entertainment. From installation to end use, DigiLinX is unmatched in the flexibility of its integration, programming simplicity, and intuitiveness of operation. It's an honor to have our efforts -and the very tangible results of DigiLinX -recognized by CEA."

The Mark of Excellence Awards, presented by CEA's TechHome Division, recognizes the best in home automation products, services, and installed technology. DigiLinX was named a finalist for the IP -based Product of the Year category, one of twenty categories reviewed by a panel of fifteen independent industry experts. Judges include custom system designers & integrators, industry analysts & consultants, members of the trade press, and more. Products for IP -based Product of the Year are rated based on benefits provided to designers/installers such as ease of integration, programming, and time to install; as well as end -user benefits such as ease of use, aesthetic design, and ability to improve daily lifestyle.

The Mark of Excellence winners, which are chosen from the finalists, will be announced on February 25th at the Mark of Excellence banquet held in Orlando, Florida during the Spring Electronic House Expo.

DigiLinX was also recently named an Honoree in CES' 2005 Innovations Awards in the category of High -Performance Audio.

The DigiLinX system, which uses NetStreams' IP -based patent pending StreamNet™ technology, distributes audio over CAT5e using TCP/IP on an Ethernet network, in a meshed networked architecture. DigiLinX converts audio from a legacy source (Tuner, CD Player, other) in real -time, to uncompressed audio streams, allowing up to 24 -bit, studio -quality audio to be distributed throughout a home or commercial facility. All devices are network upgradeable. NetStreams' DigiLinX products are available through AVAD distributors domestically, as well as selected distributors worldwide.

Among DigiLinX's most impressive features is its ability to access and distribute metadata from advanced digital audio sources like ReQuest Multimedia®'s Audio Request® digital media servers. The data is then displayed on the color display of the DigiLinX keypads. Now, a consumer can access any source, from any room, at any time, and if the source provides meta -data, DigiLinX allows the music to be selected by Artist, Album, Song, and Genre, and can also display the 'cover art'.

The DigiLinX System can also distribute and play both uncompressed (.wav) and compressed audio formats like MP3. Additionally, because all of the processing code is stored in flash memory, updates to allow DigiLinX to support other new digital audio formats will be easily available in the future. DigiLinX does not limit the user interface to its keypads. Each component contains its own IP address and web server that can serve -up rich control pages to third party products such as PDA's, Web Tablets, Web TVs, or computers, for a new experience in music management.

About NetStreams

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams provides sophisticated networked audio leading the marketplace in technological innovation. NetStreams is committed to utilizing state -of -the -art human engineering to create home entertainment products that are truly user -friendly and future -compatible. NetStreams is creating the future of home entertainment today.

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