Crestron QM-RX streamlines multi-signal, multi-display systems

ROCKLEIGH, NJ, January 10, 2005 - Crestron introduces the QM -RX a compact, low -cost QuickMedia Receiver, the latest addition to the MediaManager family of products, employing QuickMedia™ (QM) technology. Complementing the QM -RMCRX media controller/QM receiver, which is a complete stand -alone product, the streamlined QM -RX QuickMedia Receiver is designed to be a cost -effective solution for larger or more complex presentation systems. The QM -RX can be used for single projector applications, but it is priced for multi -room, multi -projector system installations.

The QuickMedia transport is revolutionary technology that transmits various signals including composite, component and S -video, computer signals and data all over a single CAT5e or CAT6 cable. The QM -RX receives signals through the one cable, then separates and outputs the individual signals to the display device. The QM -RX also provides the control interface to the display device, automatically switching the projector or plasma to the appropriate mode to receive the transmitted signal.

Traditionally, installers must pull huge bundles of coax and twisted pair and crimp dozens of connectors. The time and expense of installation is enormous, not to mention the frustration of pulling huge bundles through small, inaccessible openings. The QM Transport allows the integrator to run one inexpensive, flexible CresCAT™QM cable (consisting of a CAT5e or CAT6 cable and a Cresnet® control cable) from a Crestron QM Wall Plate, FlipTop Box, or routing switcher to a QM receiver, such as the QM -RX at the display device.

Additionally, the QM -RX replaces several components that are normally required to convert each type of video signal and serial data stream sent over CAT5. Employing QM technology, the QM -RX receiver automatically detects and translates the source signals, isolates the distinct signals and routes them to the appropriate output to the display device.

Display devices receive control commands to automatically switch and accept source signals when a source is selected at the QM Wall Plate or FlipTop Box. The QM -RX includes a bidirectional RS -232 port and an IR/Serial port for control of the display device. A digital input port enables direct connection for a room occupancy sensor, a power sensor, or any contact closure device.

QuickMedia™ transmits native resolutions up to 1600 X 1200 pixels at 60Hz. Digital Media Tools (DMT) software (supplied) allows easy adjustments of frequency, bandwidth, and skew compensation to maximize image quality for cable runs up to 300 feet with up to 22 nS of skew delay. MediaManager systems are easily programmed and custom configured with Crestron SystemBuilder™ software.

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