The latest addition to Norcent`s family of DVD players makes it easy to watch high-quality DivX movies on TV

CES Booth LVCC SO 3/31419 - January 3, 2004 - Norcent, a leading supplier of consumer electronics, will display the DP -220 DVD player, a full -featured DVD player with built -in DivX playback technology, at the 2005 International CES in Las Vegas. The DP -220 plays near -DVD quality DivX content downloaded from the Internet, and features high -quality viewing with progressive scan and horizontal resolution of more than 500 lines. With support for multiple CD formats and output options, the DP -220 is the perfect DivX solution for movie buffs.

"According to, more than 120 million people worldwide have downloaded the DivX codec to create or watch high -quality DivX movies,"
said Jennifer Long, CEO at Norcent. "Norcent's DP -220 DVD player gives consumers an affordable, flexible option for taking content normally confined to the PC, and moving it to the comfort of the living room with the full home theater experience. The DP -220 is one of the most feature rich players available, and offers exceptional value."

With DivX® video technology, you can compress a VHS tape down to one -hundredth of its original size, or a DVD to one -tenth of its size and fit the entire contents on a regular data CD. Users can save any video content -like home movies or a personal DVD collection -on CDs for easy storage.
To date, hundreds of thousands of DivX movies are now available for downloading on the Internet, giving DP -220 users a wide selection of titles to choose from.

Full -featured player delivers quality and flexibility The single -disk Progressive Scan DP -220 DVD player sports a slim, attractive design and comes with a full -function remote control and an on -screen menu display for easy viewing. Built -in Dolby Digital Surround sound creates a theater -like experience. Users have access to eight -step fast or slow motion with nine picture viewing functions, as well as eight different language soundtracks and captions in 32 languages. With support for all types of media -DVD, DVD -R/ -RW, DVD+R/+RW, CD, CD -R/ -RW, MP3 -CD, MPEG -4, and Picture -CD -the DP -220 provides maximum flexibility for high -quality DivX movie playback.

See Norcent products at CES
The Norcent DP -220 will be showcased at CES January 6 -9 in booth # LVCC SO 3/31419. In addition to the DP -220, Norcent will also display many of its technology -leading products,

* LCD TVs introducing the P -MAX video chipset
* Plasma TVs
* Home Theater Systems
* DVD Players, including players with DivX and network capability
* Digital Cameras
* LCD Monitors
* and more

Pricing and availability
The DP -220 will be available beginning February 2005 with an MSRP of $59.99.

About Norcent
Norcent is a worldwide, award winning consumer electronics manufacturer dedicated to bringing the latest in high -tech digital technology to the mainstream consumer market. Norcent's key investments in technology partners, ability to leverage the most competitive ISO certified manufacturing facilities allows it to provide cutting -edge digital products to consumers at the best overall value. For more information please visit or send an email to

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