MICROSOFT ADOPTS thePlatform media publishing system™ TO MANAGE MSN VIDEO DOWNLOADS

thePlatform's Media Management Technology Enables MSN's New Secure Portable Video Download Service

LAS VEGAS, NV - January 6, 2005 - thePlatform, a leading provider of software for rich media content management, publishing, commerce and reporting, announced today in conjunction with Microsoft that thePlatform media publishing system is managing video content delivery for Microsoft's new MSN Video Downloads service.

thePlatform's turnkey management software enables MSN's webmasters to quickly and easily aggregate video from a wide variety of content owners, and efficiently manage the online delivery of digital media directly to the consumer.

MSN Video Downloads is one of the first online video services dedicated to portable entertainment, featuring great content from more than a dozen programming partners. The new MSN Video Downloads service is entertaining and informing people everywhere and anywhere, allowing them to preview sports highlights, news headlines, children's programming, music videos, independent films and comedy shows all from their portable devices using Windows Mobile -based software to run video, including Portable Media Centers, and Smartphones and PocketPCs with media capabilities.

"thePlatform's content management network has proven truly instrumental in supporting Microsoft's new video download service for Windows Mobile -based devices such as Portable Media Centers, providing a simple tool for continuous updating of MSN's portable media offerings." says Frank Barbieri, group product manager for Windows Mobile.

Offered with free and premium membership tiers, MSN Video Downloads employs thePlatform's management technology to synchronize digital video downloads to Microsoft's Windows Media Player 10 library. Digital media files can allow unrestricted access, or be protected using thePlatform's turnkey integration of Microsoft's Windows Media DRM 10, and DRM 10 support for mobile devices. thePlatform media publishing system then oversees the distribution of the appropriate content to Portable Media Centers as well as media -capable Windows Mobile -based Smartphones, PocketPCs and other PlaysForSure devices that support video.

"As a leader in providing rich online content across platforms, Microsoft's extensive media management needs provide an ideal showcase for thePlatform's unique publishing solution," says Ian Blaine, president and CEO of thePlatform. "thePlatform's technology is designed to flexibly manage rich digital programming distribution beyond television across all online platforms, accommodating the expanding horizons of MSN and other content providers."

About thePlatform

thePlatform media publishing system reduces the complexities and costs of managing, publishing, securing and monitoring rich media. Headquartered in Seattle, thePlatform has established itself as the leading provider of comprehensive software solutions for managing online distribution of digital rich media. Its core technology is designed to seamlessly integrate with any organization's internal IT systems or customer interfaces. thePlatform is the only company offering a complete rich media publishing solution that preserves the integrity of the customer relationship for video content owners as well as Internet service providers. For more information, visit thePlatform at

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Windows Mobile -based Portable Media Centers are handheld entertainment devices that make it easy to store and play recorded television, movies, home videos, music and photos transferred from a PC with Windows XP. Consumers can watch and listen to their favorite entertainment any time and anywhere - in the palm of their hand or through a TV or stereo. It's simple for consumers to sync music, video and pictures from the PC with Windows Media Player 10, and fast and easy for them to find the entertainment they want to play on their device. Portable Media Centers also support Windows Media Audio and Video in addition to other leading file formats, so consumers can choose from a wide range of music, videos and pictures.

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