Linn Preview Two New Loudspeaker Systems During CES 2005.

ARTIKULAT multi-channel loudspeaker system and KOMPONENT multi-channel lifestyle loudspeaker system

ARTIKULAT multi -channel loudspeaker system

Shown for the first time in final production specification, ARTIKULAT is a gorgeous new Linn loudspeaker system which combines stunning performance with luxurious appearance. The ARTIKULAT system consists of four distinct, sonically and aesthetically matched loudspeakers incorporating the latest proprietary Linn technologies including AKTIV servo bass, the 3 -K Driver Array and the new Linn CHAKRA high -efficiency power amplification to deliver sumptuous, expressive and totally communicative playback.

The ARTIKULAT loudspeaker system contains three full -range models available in either AKTIV -bass or fully integrated AKTIV guise. The ARTIKULAT 350A floor -standing loudspeaker, ARTIKULAT 320A compact loudspeaker and the ARTIKULAT 340A centre -channel loudspeaker are powered and fully AKTIV versions. The ARTIKULAT 350, ARTIKULAT 320 and the ARTIKULAT 340 centre -channel loudspeaker variants all feature AKTIV bass with passive cross -overs for the upper -bass, mid -range and high -frequency drive units. A dedicated AKTIV, servo -driven bass re -enforcement loudspeaker, the ARTIKULAT 345, completes the range.

At CES 2005, Linn demonstrate a fully AKTIV 5.1 ARTIKULAT system, together with the flagship UNIDISK 1.1 universal disc player and KISTO system controller. This Linn reference home theater system represents the state of the art in home entertainment.

KOMPONENT multi -channel lifestyle loudspeaker system

Previewed for the first time at CES 2005 is the beautiful new KOMPONENT multi -channel lifestyle loudspeaker system. Deploying unique Linn loudspeaker technology featuring style and a discrete design, the KOMPONENT loudspeaker system delivers genuine performance and compliments a modern living environment. The KOMPONENT system comprises four versatile models: the KOMPONENT 110 floorstanding loudspeaker, the KOMPONENT 104 compact loudspeaker, the KOMPONENT 106 'Left/Center/Right' loudspeaker and the KOMPONENT 120 powered bass reinforcement loudspeaker.

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All KOMPONENT loudspeakers feature the unique Linn 2 -K Driver Array for full range performance; an evolution of the driver array technology found in Linn's highest performing AKURATE, ARTIKULAT and the flagship KOMRI loudspeaker systems. Configurable in a range of systems to suit different applications the KOMPONENT system delivers outstanding performance and represents exceptional value.

Partnered with the UNIDISK SC player, a powerful and flexible universal disc player with in -built AV processor, and a 5125 power amplifier, this CES 2005 show system offers outstanding value, functionality and performance across all formats.

Also at CES 2005 Linn host the first Linn ELITE Retailer Conference. Linn ELITE is a prestige group of specialist Linn retailers recognised for their on -going commitment to the highest standards of performance, service and installation who consistently meet the requirements of discerning Linn customers worldwide.

Visit Linn at CES 2005 in the Lakeside Suites at the Bellagio Hotel to find out how you can thrill your customers and grow your business.

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For further Press information about the KOMPONENT and ARTIKULAT loudspeaker systems please contact Brian Morris at Linn: Telephone +44 (0)161 766 1021 Fax +44 (0) 161 280 5115

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