Peerless Industries, the leader in audiovisual mounting solutions, today announced its "Sorted-For-You™" fully labeled and pocketed hardware set.

CHICAGO, IL - - January 6, 2005 - Leveraging decades of knowledge and engineering expertise in the professional market, Peerless Industries, the leader in audiovisual mounting solutions, today announced its "Sorted -For -You™" fully labeled and pocketed hardware set designed to simplify and expedite the installation of adapter brackets for flat panel displays and projectors. The set comes complete with Peerless' new universal retail line of mid -size (22" -37") and large (32" and up) flat panel mounts, and new retail projector mount, all of which will be shown for the first time in the Peerless Industries booth (#26123) at CES.

There are significant safety factors to consider when mounting a heavy piece of equipment to a wall or ceiling, especially in the home. Without the guidance of a hardware set that incorporates, fully sorts and labels all the right adapter bracket hardware, finding the proper screw length to match the screw hole can be a frustrating and challenging experience. If the screw is too long it can damage the display, if the screw is too short, the installation may be unsafe and if the proper screws aren't included, it requires an additional trip to the hardware store.

According to Christelle Imhof, market manager, retail mounting solutions for Peerless Industries, many of today's display mount designs are universal to easily accommodate a wide range of products. "While this helps retailers streamline inventory and makes the mount purchase decision easier for the consumer, the challenge therein lies in the installation because each manufacturer display model tends to require a different hardware configuration." She added, "The Sorted -For -You hardware pack takes the guesswork out of the installation by eliminating the need to sift through an enormous pile of screws and fasteners. Instead, professional installers and 'do -it -yourself' consumers are ensured a hassle -free installation that is both simple and safe."

The instruction manual packaged with each Peerless universal mount contains a comprehensive list of displays that can be used with that mount, and the appropriate hardware configuration for each. Every pocket in the Sorted -For -You hardware set is labeled with a letter that corresponds to a different hardware configuration. This allows users to easily identify the appropriate screws and spacers for the screen adapter brackets. Once the adapter brackets are attached, the display can be quickly and safely mounted to a wall or ceiling for viewing enjoyment in virtually any room in the home.

Peerless' Sorted -For -You hardware set comes complete with the new retail line of mid -size (22" -37") and large (32" and up) flat panel screens and the RTPJ -UN retail projector mount, all of which will be available in Q1 2005.

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