Peerless Industries, the leader in wall and ceiling mounting solutions for televisions and flat panel displays, today released research findings from its recent consumer survey of flat panel owners.

CHICAGO, IL - - January 6, 2005 - Peerless Industries (CES Booth #26123), the leader in wall and ceiling mounting solutions for televisions and flat panel displays, today released research findings from its recent consumer survey of flat panel owners. The data clearly indicates that consumers have adapted to and are embracing the benefits associated with mounting their flat panels.

In December 2004, Peerless conducted a consumer survey with more than 750 flat panel screen (plasma and LCD) owners to learn more about their buying patterns and to gain a better understanding of where flat panel mounts are installed throughout the home.

According to Dan Zemaitis, senior marketing manager for Peerless Industries, "Due to their growing household penetration and increasing affordability, more consumers are investing in flat panels for video displays in the home. As a result, flat panel owners are inevitably challenged with how to maximize the enjoyment of their display," he explained. "Peerless' survey results indicate that a large segment of consumers recognize the overall benefits of mounting a flat panel in the home."

The Peerless research indicates that 28 percent of consumers surveyed mount their flat panels. Unlike conventional CRT -based televisions, which traditionally have low mount attachment rates, flat panel owners are opting to mount their flat panel plasma or LCD displays throughout their homes.

The research also shows that 92 percent of those consumers are currently purchasing their flat panel mounts in "brick -and -mortar" retail stores, with 8 percent purchasing online. Over half (58%) of consumers surveyed said they are buying their mount at the same time and in the same store as their flat panel screen.

In addition, surveyed flat panel owners revealed their top three locations for mounting flat panels are: (#1) the living room, (#2) the family room/den and (#3) the bedroom.

Based on industry forecasts for flat panels and the current mount attachment rate, Peerless projects nearly six million mounts will be sold to U.S. consumers over the next three years (slide 6). "By leveraging decades of knowledge and engineering expertise in the Pro A/V market, Peerless mounts will enable consumers to maximize their flat panel viewing enjoyment, create the room of their dreams and make space -saving, functional use of flat panels anywhere in the home," concluded Zemaitis.

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