Peerless Industries, the leader in audiovisual mounting solutions, has launched an entirely new retail line of universal mounting solutions for 22"-37" flat panel displays.

CHICAGO, IL - - January 6, 2005 - - To help meet the demand for mount accessories required to support the growing mid -size flat panel market, Peerless Industries, the leader in audiovisual mounting solutions, has launched an entirely new retail line of universal mounting solutions for 22" -37" flat panel displays. The new mounts are being shown for the first time in the Peerless Industries booth (#26123) at CES.

Mid -sized flat panels are one of the fastest growing display categories today. According to DisplaySearch, the 22" -37" LCD market is expected to grow from 20 percent in 2003 to 80 percent in 2008.

"The mid -size flat panel market is very exciting as it's a largely untapped category that has enabled more consumers to afford and enjoy the benefits of flat screen technology," explained Christelle Imhof, market manager, retail mounting solutions for Peerless Industries. "Peerless has leveraged its expertise in the professional market by developing a new retail line of mid -size flat panel display mounts that can be seamlessly integrated with virtually any screen in this range. Homeowners can now maximize their flat panel investment while creating exciting new uses for the displays in every room of their home."

Peerless' new line of mid -size flat panel mounts includes three styles - flat, tilting and articulating - - for maximum versatility. This low -profile, home -friendly designs are compatible with essentially

any 22" -37" flat panel display and come pre -assembled with Peerless' Sorted -For -You™ hardware pack, which contains all the required screen hardware for easy installation. All three mounts are available in sleek black and silver colors to enhance both the display and the home environment. Additionally, they are all ULŇ listed and were tested at four times the rated load capacity for added peace -of -mind.

The universal Flat Panel Flat Wall Mount (RTFPF -220 / RTFPF -220S) features an ultra -slim design for discreet installation in locations where space -savings is key, such as above a desk in the den or behind the bar in a finished basement. It can be single or double -stud mounted with horizontal screen adjustment for additional flexibility and includes a locking mechanism to keep the screen securely in place.

Peerless' universal Flat Panel Tilt Wall Mount (RTFPT -220 / RTFPT -220S) offers an elegant design with a self -balancing one -touch tilt mechanism that allows screen adjustments at the touch of a finger. This new mount is ideal for use in a living room or a loft where the screen may be viewed from virtually any angle.

Finally, the universal Flat Panel Adjustable Wall Arm (RTFPA -220 / RTFPA -220S) features internal cord management to safely and conveniently route the wires, along with one -touch tilt. The attractive design folds neatly against the wall and can swivel up to 180 degrees on each side, making it perfect for locations like a home gym or master suite where various viewing angles are essential.

Availability and Pricing
Peerless' new retail line of mid -sized mounts for 22" -37" screens come standard with the Peerless Sorted -For -You™ hardware pack and are available in black or silver. Peerless' Universal Flat Wall Mount and Universal Tilt Wall Mount will be available in January 2005 at suggested retail prices of $89.00 and $109.00 respectively. The Universal Adjustable Wall Arm will be available in March 2005 at a suggested retail price of $199.00.

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For more than 60 years, Peerless has designed and manufactured the world's most comprehensive line of high performance audiovisual mounting systems for televisions, flat panels, projectors, speakers, security cameras, computers, and other technology accessories used in both the commercial and consumer markets. Built on decades of experience and proven expertise, Peerless offers its customers the best overall value by providing the right combination of high performance mounting solutions, affordable pricing and complete services and support. Peerless Industries is ISO 9001 certified and is an approved Underwriters Laboratories testing site.

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