OpenPeak Thinking Homes Software Supports Microsoft Windows Media Connect


BOCA RATON, FLORIDA AND LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - January 06, 2005 - OpenPeak Inc., a leading provider of software enabling control of digital content, consumer electronics and systems in the Digital Home, today announced support of Microsoft Windows Media Connect. This enables any computer running Windows XP to become a media server with digital content that can be easily controlled by OpenPeak's flagship Thinking Homes software.

"Now, every Windows XP PC in the market can become the home's media server with the simple download of Window Media Connect, which is handled automatically by Microsoft's 'Windows Update' feature," said Andrew Lona, OpenPeak's Chief Marketing Officer. "With Windows XP -based PCs transforming into home media servers, controller devices powered by OpenPeak Thinking Homes software will enable consumers to browse the digital media on those PCs remotely, say from the living room while the PC is in the den or kitchen, and stream music, photos or video to compatible media players, such as digital media adapters, to listen to music, view photos or watch video in another room," Lona added. Using OpenPeak Thinking Homes software, some controller devices themselves also may serve as audio playback devices, in effect becoming personal portable media players that can be used anywhere in the home.

Windows Media Connect supports Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) 10, allowing network devices to stream secure premium content from Windows XP -based PCs to networked entertainment devices in the home.

"The ability of OpenPeak Thinking Homes software to enable users to scan through audio, video and photos stored on the PC and stream it to compatible media adapters, from anywhere in the home to anywhere in the home - frees the content from the desktop," said Lona. "Now consumers can enjoy the digital content they're collecting on the PC and share it on a house -wide basis. This further establishes the foundation of a genuine Digital Home," he added.

Thinking Homes software, which is designed to be integrated into products by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), offers simplicity of setup and control for consumers. "The OpenPeak concept of solutions for simple control of digital content - as well as control of all networked and legacy devices and home systems - is the essential glue to hold the Digital Home together and make it a reality for the everyday consumer," said Tricia Parks, President and Founder of Parks Associates, a leading market research firm.

OpenPeak Inc. creates innovative software that enables a simple user interface for WiFi control of consumer electronics, digital media, computers and home systems. The company's consumer -friendly software applications are designed for use by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in their products. Using devices equipped with OpenPeak's unique interface software, consumers are able to wirelessly control and distribute digital content as well as control consumer electronics and home systems. OpenPeak also creates hardware reference designs for devices that enable the Digital Home, such as WiFi -IR and WiFi -Serial bridges. The company's software has been licensed to Philips Consumer Electronics and other OEM partners will be announced soon. The privately held company is based in Boca Raton, Florida. Additional information about the company is available at

OpenPeak is a member of: WiFi Alliance, UPnP Forum, Intel Developer Network for the Digital Home, Digital Living Network Alliance and Apple Developer Connection.

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