Gefen Offers New Solutions for Home Theater, Computer and Audio/Video Environments

New solutions from Gefen at CES include new HDMI Switchers, a wireless HD extender prototype, dual link DVI switch and extension boxes, digital audio extension and distribution products and high defintion video extenders using CAT-5 cable.

LAS VEGAS, NV - - Gefen Inc. is pleased to demonstrate the fuctionality and features of its newest home theater and consumer electronics solutions at this years CES. These include the Wireless DVI Extender, an innovative solution that requires no cabling to extend high definition video displays up to 40 feet from the source. The system uses a small sender and receiver connected by a cable -free laser technology that tracks the beam to accurately reproduce a perfect transmission of HDTV video plus stereo audio.

Two new video Switchers, a 2x2 and a 6x2, route high definition video plus digital audio from each source to one or two display(s). The 2x2 comes with two source inputs and two outputs; the 6x2 comes with six source inputs and two outputs. Two identical HDMI outputs allow HDMI to be sent to the display and an audio receiver independently, or to two displays at the same time. A 1:2 HDMI Splitter outputs two high definition video signals from one.

A 2x1 DVI -DL Switcher connects two dual link DVI sources to one display and switches access to each source by IR remote (included) or manual selection. Dual link DVI video, USB 2.0 and analog audio are routed for each source.

Gefen's DVI -2000 HD uses fiber optic cables to send dual link DVI video up to 330 feet from the source. A local sender and a remote receiver connect the computer to the extended display, linked by fiber optic cables.

The new Digital Audio Switcher allows two digital audio sources to connect to one receiver's output. Either source is accessed using a Gefen IR remote.

The Digital Audio Extender uses a sender and a receiver connected by a CAT -5E cable to extend digital audio up to 330 feet.

Gefen's HD CAT5 Extender uses industry -standard CAT -5 cables to extend high definition digital displays up to 150 feet in length. HD resolutions up to 1080p are supported. Works with both HDMI or DVI interfaces.

The CAT5 -5000 HD extends two high resolution DVI displays plus USB and DDC signals up to 150 feet for remote computer performance.

The USB 2.0 Extender works with hi -speed USB peripherals to enable remote performance when connected up to 150 feet from the computer.

For more information, stop by to see Gefen at booth 26600 or visit them online at

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MIDLITE®'s SPEEDPORT Universal Cable Pass Thru, Fastening & Anchor System

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