Aerielle, Inc. launches Aerielle Enabled™, a New Technology Licensing and Branding Program

Aerielle®, Inc. announced today their new Aerielle Enabled™ licensing and branding program for business partners and consumers.


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Aerielle, Inc. launches Aerielle Enabled™, a New Technology Licensing and Branding Program

Las Vegas, NV, January 5, 2005 - Aerielle®, Inc. announced today their new Aerielle Enabled™ licensing and branding program. The program highlights to business partners the benefits of Aerielle's patented wireless technology, and its turn -key speed to market solutions. It also creates awareness for consumers about the differences in Aerielle's patented wireless audio technologies embedded in third party products.

The cornerstone of the program is the educational and e -commerce Web site located at The site contains information for both manufacturing customers and end -user consumers. Consumers can find third party products with Aerielle technology and shop for Aerielle Enabled products. Existing and potential business partners can browse for information on Aerielle's wireless solutions, check out upcoming products, and get the latest on doing business with Aerielle.

Aerielle currently offers the industry a full array of patented transmitter technologies and components, all of which provide enhanced noise reduction, excellent stereo separation and superior total harmonic distortion performance. Coupled with innovative industrial design and other sound -enhancing developments, all Aerielle Enabled products offer unparalleled audio fidelity without the hassle of wires or complicated system installations, and work with virtually any portable audio device.

The new Aerielle Enabled mark can be found on consumer products, packaging and promotional materials from leading technology brands utilizing Aerielle patented components. Consumer electronics brands iRiver and Kensington have already adopted the program by placing the Aerielle Enabled mark on products and marketing materials, signifying a distinct product benefit. Delphi, a leader in mobile electronics also has included technology from Aerielle in a number of their products.

Aerielle CEO Art Cohen said, "Consumers have many choices in the world of consumer electronics. This program clearly demonstrates the unique quality differences that Aerielle Enabled products provide."

The complete line of Aerielle Enabled products are on display at this year's 2005 International CES at booth number 6638.

About Aerielle, Inc.

Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, privately held Aerielle, Inc. ( is a developer of advanced, highly competitive wireless technologies whose mission is to bring low cost, wireless audio solutions to the mass consumer market with no compromise in sound quality. Combined with innovative industrial design, Aerielle has embedded and licensed their patented technology to some of the consumer electronic industry's most respected brands.


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