Norcent Integrates Exclusive P -MAX Video Chipset in LCD Products

LT-2740 27-inch LCD TV to be first product featuring P-MAX technology

LT -2740 27 -inch LCD TV to be first product featuring P -MAX technology

CES Booth LVCC SO 3/31419 - January 3, 2004 - Norcent, a leading supplier of consumer electronics, today announced that it is integrating the P -MAX video chipset into its LCD products, beginning with the LT -2740 widescreen LCD TV. The P -MAX video chipset produces superior image quality with richer colors, truer skin tones, enhanced edge detail and improved contrast. Norcent has exclusive rights to use the P -MAX chipset and will be showcasing the technology at the upcoming 2005 International CES.

"P -MAX technology is truly amazing," said Jennifer Long, Norcent's CEO. "With P -MAX, you really feel like you are there in the middle of the action, because the images and detail are so realistic. It allows us to provide consumers with a heightened viewing experience that no one else can provide. We're thrilled to be introducing P -MAX with the LT -2740, and will be working to provide the technology as a key feature in many of our products in the coming months."

The P -MAX chipset constantly measures and makes real -time adjustments to six key parameters of image quality and combines these adjustments with individual pixel control to produce the finest picture available. The six parameters include natural color performance, gradational edge enhancement, flesh -tone smooth capability, local detail recovery, color correction and overdrive capability. P -MAX produces truer colors, right out of the box, enhanced edge detail and sharper contrast. Moving and still images are crisp and clear, and image details remain visible, even in overexposed or dim patches.

The LT -2740
Norcent's LT -2740 is a 27 -inch HD -ready widescreen LCD TV that provides exceptional display quality with the integrated P -MAX video chipset. Its 1280 x 768 pixel display delivers fluid, lifelike motion and breathtaking detail. Two built -in speakers recreate the cinematic experience with simulated surround sound. Users have access to on -screen menus in English, French and Spanish that provide auto channel programming, convenient sleep timer settings and favorite channels presets.

Additionally, the LT -2740 has PC input and, with the P -MAX chipset, achieves 16 -millisecond response times, important features for video gamers. Norcent is on track for improving response times even further by the end of 2005.

Sample units of the LT -2740 will be on display at CES, January 6 -9, in booth # LVCC SO 3/31419. The LT -2740 will be available first quarter 2005 and will carry a MSRP of $1,499.99.

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