Having heard almost all of the most famous high-end audio products, he approached ESP about using their speakers for his personal monitor because he feels they stand apart from other high-end loudspeakers.

Renowned mastering engineer Steve Hoffman has selected ESP loudspeakers for use in his upcoming LP, CD, and SACD mastering projects. Hoffman, who has mastered over 4,000 titles for such labels as MCA, BMG, Analogue Productions, Audio Fidelity, and DCC Compact Classics, is legendary for his ability to enhance the realistic presence of a master tape and preserve the artistic inspiration of recordings by many of the world's greatest artists. Having heard almost all of the most famous high -end audio products, he approached ESP about using their speakers for his personal monitor because he feels they stand apart from other high -end loudspeakers.

Hoffman states: "I'm a music person first and foremost. I spend much of my time around live music and then working with master tapes trying to give them that same "breath of life". When I first heard the new ESP's I could immediately relate to the sound - -lifelike in the extreme. ESP speakers are obviously built by a perfectionist who knows and loves the sound of live music. The new ESP's let me hear all the detail on a recording, but in a musically persuasive way which sounds very close to live. At the same time, unlike many expensive high -end speakers, which sound too much like exaggerated "hi -fi," I find myself able to listen to ESP's without typical hi -fi fatigue during long mastering sessions, which is obviously critical in my line of work. I salute designer Sean McCaughan; he has always been one of the great speaker designers, but this time he has really outdone himself. While not inexpensive, the price of ESP speakers is quite fair, especially when one thinks about the amazing design and incredible build quality of these speakers. ESP is really a music connoisseur's brand of speaker."

Hoffman and ESP designer Sean McCaughan will conduct a press session at T.H.E. Show in Room 1604 of the St. Tropez Hotel in Las Vegas on Thursday, January 6, 2005, from 4PM until 7PM, where Hoffman will play some of his latest releases as well as his classics and will answer questions about mastering and sound. This session will run in conjunction with T.H.E. Show's reception to be held in the lobby of the St. Tropez from 6PM to 8PM. The Hoffman/ESP event will be open to reviewers, producers, musicians, and other invited members of the high -end community. Space is limited and prior reservations are appreciated. ESP will be handing out drink tickets at the room to reviewers who plan to attend T.H.E. Show's reception as well.

For inquiries and/or reservations, please contact one of the following:

ESP Loudspeakers, North America: (425) 614 -0518;

Steve Hoffman via the webmaster at

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