`Photo Studio In-a-Box TM` Kit Provides Everything Needed to Produce Quality Photos In-House


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American Recorder Launches Complete
Photo Studio Solution at $119.95 Breakthrough Price

"Photo Studio In -a -Box TM" Kit Provides Everything Needed to Produce Quality
Photos In -House

LAS VEGAS, NV - January 6, 2005 - American Recorder Technologies, Inc., the
industry's leading supplier of photographic accessory products, has
introduced its affordable "Photo Studio In -a -Box TM", the first complete
system for producing professional quality photography without the cost of
using an expensive photo studio.

The "Photo Studio In -a -Box" is a comprehensive package available now for the
incredible retail price of $119.95 (MAP $99.95). Included in the package are
all the ingredients necessary (except camera) to assist the amateur in
producing studio quality results quickly and easily. This creative product
is being honored with the CES 2005 Innovations Award. The studio kit
contains all of the following items:

. SOFT LIGHT BOX - Light weight and easy to set up, the soft light box
utilizes a specially woven, heat -resistant, 100% nylon fiber mesh diffuser,
that delivers uniform illumination while eliminating harsh shadows and
reflective glare. It folds up for convenient storage and travel, and
includes a Canvas Travel Carrier. The set up size is 16" x 16" x 16"

. TWO -SIDED BACKGROUND - This dual -sided, blue/grey, non -reflective
polyester fabric background provides appropriate contrast for either dark or
light objects, and creates an infinite depth of field. The size is 31" L x
15" H.

. HIGH OUTPUT LIGHTS - Two, studio quality, high -output 2800K Tungsten
lamps for excellent and even color temperature and clarity. Retractable legs
allow for hand held use and easy storage. Each lamp has an 8" height and an
8 ft. power cord. 110V/50W, UL approved.

. CAMERA STAND - This fully adjustable, high quality, aluminum and
steel camera stand eliminates jitters and blurs commonly experienced with
hand held shots. The large legs with skid reduction pads keep the stand
firmly in place. The neck height ranges from 10" extendable up to 18".

"Until now, small businesses and individuals needed the often pricey
services of a professional photo studio or they had to purchase similar
equipment costing far more," explained company President Alan Adelstein.
"With our Photo Studio In -a -Box, we provide an extremely affordable
It's a lightweight, portable product ideal for use with today's wide range
of quality digital cameras. Anyone with an 'eye' for good pictures will get
great results on a tabletop every time and this system can be used over and
over again."

Based in Simi Valley, California, American Recorder Technologies, Inc., was
founded in 1977. The company manufactures a wide range of high quality
accessory products for the photographic and electronics industries. For
more information contact Alan Adelstein at 805 -527 -9580 or by email: You may also visit the website:

For images please visit our website:

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