TAW, Inc. @ CES 2005

In home theater you won't hear any manufacturer discussing investment. Why? The product is usually obsolete BEFORE you purchase. TAW HAS CHANGED ALL THAT Every TAW product is upgradable. TAW, "Changing the way America buys home theater. ®"

TAW, Inc. Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall Booth# 21658.

TAW is in the final design stage of developing an HD -SDI TIVO to connect to TAWs new HD SDI input on Rock series video processor, we plan to have the HD -SDI TIVO vs. HDMI/DVI TIVO in a A/B comparison with two of our revolutionary 3 Chip DLP's. We will also be showing our new HD scaling with motion adaptive de -interlacing, YES 1080i to 1080p with motion adaptive de -interlacing.


Three Chip DLP* design
9" CRT performance and smoothness when matched with TAW series video processor.
Point Convergence
RGB white/black level controls in 10 IRE increments insure perfect gray scale tracking.
Super quiet (less than 30 db)
Light weight - 45 lbs.
Small (21" X 17" X 12.5")
DVI input standard.
Auto On/off with video signal.
Optional HDSDI, RGBHV inputs.
Ethernet port to control projector from a TAW series video processor. (No IR control needed)
1280 X 720P resolution up -gradeable to 1920 X 1080P when available.
Firmware auto -upgrades from ROCK processor via Ethernet port.
Six interchangeable lens options from .64 ~ 5.6
* DLP is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments.

External Rack mounting system allows up to 9 modules per rack, 256 racks daisy chained.
Connects to TAW series video processors for infinite field installable I/O.
Analog Module:
Inputs NTSC/PAL composite, NTSC/PAL "S' video, NTSC/ATSC/PAL Component and NTSC/ATSC/PAL VGA.
Active input auto -detect with input priority selection.
Auto format detection
Digital Module: (shipping Q1 2005)
2) HDMI/DVI, HDCP compliant inputs.
3) HD/SD/SDI, SMPTE 292 compliant Broadcast -quality 10 -bit inputs.
3) Ethernet ports
Lip Sync module: (shipping Q1 2005)
SPDIF inputs delay from 30 ms to 3 seconds.
Preludes can be daisy chained to allow a maximum of 4,080 inputs.

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