TV Jockey Saves Space & Money - Allows Users to Watch TV and Connect Video Game Consoles to Their PC

New product reduces clutter and saves money by allowing users to watch television and display video from their game consoles, DVD player, VCRs and camcorders on their existing PC Display

Groveport, OH -, the professionals' source for computer A/V products, announces the release of the TV Jockey (Part# COMP2VGATV), a unique new product that allows users to view television and connect their console video game systems (XBOX, PlayStation 2, Nintendo, etc.), DVD players, VCRs and camcorders to their existing PC monitor. This reduces clutter and saves money, as a separate TV is not required. The TV Jockey is the perfect solution for cramped spaces such as college dorm rooms where there is not room for a separate computer monitor and television. Parents will also love the TV Jockey as their kids will not longer monopolize the family television when they want to play video games.

The TV Jockey includes a 24 -button infrared remote control, allowing users to conveniently switch from computer to TV mode, adjust the volume, change channels, switch video sources, or alter the on -screen display from a comfortable distance. The TV Jockey also connects to a PC's speakers to provide full audio support and can display up to 181 channels using existing cable, satellite or antenna connections.

The TV Jockey uses streamlined, two -way positioning to fit into the tightest of spaces, allowing users to enjoy all their multimedia devices in one central location. Ease of use and installation is another benefit of the TV Jockey. The user simply connects the video and audio connectors from their game console or AV component to the TV Jockey and connects their existing PC display and speakers. No drivers are required.

Complete audio pass through capabilities are also built -in which allow users to connect their computer's speakers or their home stereo to the TV Jockey for rich, stereo sound. Headphones can also be connected to avoid disturbing others nearby.

Built -in VGA, RCA composite video/audio, S -Video and connectors ensures the TV Jockey is compatible with a huge selection of today's most popular AV components.

Benefits and features of the TV Jockey include:

• Connects television cable/satellite/antenna feeds to your computer monitor.
• Connects commercial game consoles (PlayStation® 2, Nintendo GAMECUBE™, Xbox®, Dreamcast™, etc...) VCRs, DVD players, camcorders, and more, to your computer monitor.
• Includes a 24 -button infrared remote control, conveniently switch from computer to TV mode, adjust the volume, change channels, switch video sources, or alter the on -screen display from a comfortable distance.
• Compact unit design allows the TV Jockey to be positioned in a vertical or horizontal manner ensuring the conservation of space.
• Easy Plug & Play installation.

MSRP for's TV Jockey (COMP2VGA) is $79.99 and it is available through local Micro Center stores. More information is available at or by calling 1 -800 -265 -1844.

About Ltd.: is the computer professionals' source for computer A/V solutions including video splitters, switches, converters and.cables. Founded in 1985, has locations in the United States, Canada, Europe and Taiwan, servicing a worldwide market.

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