TeleEye SF388 High -Resolution Day/Night Varifocal IR Camera

Unlike conventional IR cameras, the TeleEye SF388 not only supports IR illumination but also comes with varifocal lens.

TeleEye Group has recently introduced the high -resolution TeleEye SF388 Day/Night Varifocal IR Camera. The new TeleEye SF388 is a rather unique IR camera in the market. Unlike conventional IR cameras, the TeleEye SF388 not only supports IR illumination but also comes with varifocal lens.

Varifocal IR Lens

TeleEye SF388 is equipped with f=3.8 -9.5mm IR lens. With built -in varifocal lens, this unique camera gives viewing angle from 28° - 64°. The camera always stays in focus and image remains perfectly sharp even its 10 IR LEDs are triggered on under low illumination circumstances. Its IR effective range is up to a distance of 15 meters.

Auto -switching IR -cut filter

TeleEye SF388 also equipped with the auto -switching IR cut filter. The camera can produce accurate colour during daytime with auto IR -cut filter on. Furthermore, it can be switched to deliver black and white image under no light conditions with IR illumination on and IR -cut filter off.

Aspherical lens and high resolution CCD

With built -in aspherical varifocal lens, TeleEye SF388 is able to correct distortion and maximizes light sensitivity. The camera has a 1/3" high sensitive interline transfer CCD and delivers high resolution image with 480 TV lines.

Other sophisticated features

Other features include more than 48dB of signal to noise ratio, electronic shutter, white balance (auto/push selectable), BLC, AGC and many more. More important, the camera can be used in standalone or connected with TeleEye video transmitters for remote surveillance applications.

In short, TeleEye SF388 is remarkable with its simultaneous built -in varifocal and IR illumination functions. It is easy to use, configure and operate in different lighting conditions. With the launch of TeleEye SF388, TeleEye Group will continue to widen its camera product range and build up a comprehensive CCTV camera product line.

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