We are releasing SLP 05 vacuum tube preamplifier, CAD 500 MB 500 watt solid state power amplifiers, CD 303/300 and CD 306 SACD CD players, SILVER OAK Loudspeaker and a CINEMA DVD 6B DVD player at CES 2005 in ALEXIS PARK AP 1358 and AP 1359.

We will have multiple WORLD DEBUT DESIGNS on display!

CAD 500 MB Solid State Pure Balanced
Mono Power Amplifiers
CAD SLP 05 Pure Balanced Stereo Vacuum Tube
CD 303/300 Solid State and Vacuum Tube
Output Stage CD Player
CINEMA DVD 6B High Resolution DVD Player
The new CAD SLP 05 Pure Balanced Vacuum Tube Preamplifier has
a high gain or medium gain Moving Coil/Moving Magnet Phono Stage
with variable cartridge impedance loading, a Cinema Bypass section,
a Tape Monitor Loop, 2 XLR inputs, 3 RCA inputs and a vacuum
tube headphone amplifier. It comes standard with an external power
supply utilizing vacuum tube voltage regulation. It offers remote
volume control and muting for ease of use. This is a unique design
and will be the new 'state of the art' for vacuum tube based
preamplifiers! This will be a world debut demonstration!
The new CAD 500 MB Monophonic Pure Balanced solid state power
amplifier is rated conservatively at 500 watts into an 8 ohm load. It is
rated at 750 watts per channel into a 4 ohm load. The input stage is
pure balanced and use FET devices. The back panel connections
include WBT binding post biwire
speaker terminals. This will be the
first time Dennis has used a solid state amplifier at CES in the CARY
AUDIO DESIGN demonstration room! 'They won't kick sand in our
face!' Dennis exclaimed! This will be a world debut demonstration!
The Cary Audio Design CD 303/300 Transport/Processor CD player
will make its' world debut demonstration at CES 2005. This is the
Cary Audio Design CES 2005 Newsletter
third generation of our world famous CD 303 series of audiophile CD
only players. We have decided to make life more fun for our fans and
more difficult for our competition! The new CD 303/300 will play CD
disks at 44.1 kHz and decode HDCD disks at that speed. The player
can play at 44.1, 96, 192, 384, 512, or 768 kHz! The chassis has
adjustable metal feet to level the player. The CD 303/300 has an
analog volume control with a solid state and a vacuum tube output
section that can be selected by remote control. It includes RS 232
port and IR remote control. No one said we have to play fair!
The new Cary Audio Design CD 306 SACD is the latest version of
our flagship Transport/Processor CD player. This audiophile design
can upsample a CD to as high as 768 kHz, act as a DAC for rear
panel digital inputs and play SACD stereo CD disks. The anodized all
aluminum chassis is available in black or silver. The top panel has a
view window and shows the drive and a bubble balance. The chassis
has adjustable metal feet to level the player. We use Burr Brown
DAC chips in all our CD players and in the CD 306 SACD they are
running in parallel to make certain you get the most resolution
possible from your CD collection. It has dual power transformers,
dual power supplies and full regulation to achieve the highest
possible performance from this design. With the remote volume
control, RS 232 port and IR remote control, the CD 306 SACD is
easy to listen to, easy to install and easy to control.
The Cary Cinema DVD 6B DVD player will make its' world debut
demonstration at the CES 2005 show. This updated version of our
popular Cinema 6 DVD player uses a 14 bit/216 MHz video DAC to
make the video output crystal clear in your home cinema! It is now
fixed level stereo design using the fabulous Burr Brown 1792 DAC
chips for the digital to analog conversion. The Cinema 6B DVD
player will rival or surpass many other brands' high end CD players
for its sound quality with your CD disk collection and the video is
state of the art! We are famous for the sound quality of our CD and
DVD players and this new design will extend and enhance that
reputation! High quality video outputs are 480i, 480p, 720p and
1080i. XLR or RCA stereo analog audio outputs.
Cary Audio Design CES 2005 Newsletter
The Cary Cinema 5 received an Editors Choice Award from the
absolute sound magazine. In 2004 the Cary Cinema 5 power
amplifier has received a 2004 Best Buy rating from both The Perfect
Vision and the absolute sound magazines!
The Cary Cinema 5 was awarded the prestigious award 2003 Multi
Channel Amplifier of the Year Award by The Perfect Vision
In the last year we have been very busy here making certain that
Cary Cinema is user friendly and easy to control and install in multi
room installations. We are members of CEDIA and support custom
installation work. We have formed working alliances with
CRESTRON, Middle Atlantic Products, Inc. and all the popular Infra
Red (IR) remote control companies. We have worked to offer superb
audiophile inspired designs in the home cinema market.
We truly believe ourselves to be unique in offering a complete range
of audio and AV related components to audiophiles and videophiles
all over the world. We are offering the latest digital, vacuum tube and
surround sound technologies along with the highest standards of
quality and we are doing this at reasonable prices to offer you the
best value for your money in the whole high end industry. Compare
our audio or video components to our competition, we think you will
be very pleasantly surprised!
Cary Audio Design CES 2005 Newsletter
The 42" plasma display at CES 2005 is kindly loaned
to us by JVC.
The rack for the Cary Cinema system is from Middle
Atlantic Products Inc.
All trademarks remain the property of their respective owners.

Featured Product

PureLink - HCE III TX/RX: 4K HDR over HDBaseT Extension System w/ Control and Bi-Directional PoE

PureLink - HCE III TX/RX: 4K HDR over HDBaseT Extension System w/ Control and Bi-Directional PoE

The HCE III Tx/Rx HDBaseT™ extension system offers full HDMI 2.0 compliance supporting HDR (High Dynamic Range) and 4K@60Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling. Featuring PureLink's proprietary Prcis codec, a light compression technology, the HCE III can transport Ultra HD/4K, multi-channel audio, and High Dynamic Range (10 bits support) content over a single CATx cable. The HCE III provides HDMI extension up to 130 feet (40 meters) at Ultra HD/4K and up to 230 ft. (70 meters) at 1080p over category cable with embedded multi-channel audio, CEC pass-through, bi-directional RS-232 and IR control, and PoE - all with zero loss and zero noise. The HCE III Tx/Rx also supports Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio plus LCPM (up to 192 kHz). Additionally, the low profile "slim box" enclosure design make the HCE III ideal for limited space installation environments, such as behind flat panel displays and video walls.