Monitor Audio CP In -Wall / In -Ceiling Series

Monitor Audio designs and manufactures British loudspeakers of the highest quality. Since 1972 Monitor Audio has been at the forefront of loudspeaker technology, perfecting the implementation of metal drivers.


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- New range of architectural speakers promises 'Controlled Performance' from award -winning technology -

April 1st 2004 3 pages - No sound installation is ever the same, but in the dynamic world of custom installation, it's reassuring to know that custom installers can now rely on the quality, reliability, flexibility and performance of Monitor Audio's new 'CP' Series of In -Ceiling and In -Wall loudspeakers. These are no ordinary architectural speakers. Monitor Audio has taken great care to apply its award -winning loudspeaker technologies to create a range of hi -fidelity designs, which promises market -leading sound quality in any room, regardless of size and shape. CP stands for 'Controlled Performance' because each CP In -Ceiling or In -Wall product is fitted with its own rigid enclosure to ensure that its exceptional sound remains consistent wherever it is fitted. The objective here, explained Monitor Audio's head of engineering Dean Hartley, was to allow customers the choice of sonically matched speakers without compromising sound or aesthetics, regardless of the type of enclosure. The back -boxed design ensures consistent performance, regardless of the space behind the speaker, and also substantially reduces the radiation or transmission of unwanted sound to adjoining rooms or spaces.

In the Bronze, Silver and Gold 'CP' In -Ceiling and In -Wall loudspeakers, Monitor Audio offers three levels of performance to meet a wide range of challenges and budgets, but promises reliability and ease of installation every time. The virtues that have earned Monitor Audio's Bronze, Silver and Gold loudspeaker ranges acclaim from professionals around the world, are now combined in a complete custom -fit solution.
Gold 'CP' Features
Gold 'CP' In -Ceiling/In -Wall speakers utilize a 25mm gold C -CAM® dome tweeter (pivoting for In -Ceiling designs) and a C -CAM® (Ceramic Coated Aluminium Magnesium alloy) cone, featuring Rigid Surface Technology (RST®). Impressions on the cone's surface are designed to eliminate bending, increase stiffness and lower mass when compared to conventional cone driver designs. The result is a much faster response, offering music reproduction that is closer to the original performance.

A rigid die -cast metal chassis design features a vented rear section and provides extremely low distortion with typically higher output levels.

Additional high frequency and mid -range frequency controls allow the user to set up the system precisely to obtain optimum performance within the listening environment. This inherent flexibility makes the Gold CP In -Ceiling/Wall speaker suitable for a wider range of demanding applications than those offered by its competitors. It promises a truly 'high -end' performance from a custom fit, discreetly installed speaker system.
Silver CP Features
Our C -CAM® (Ceramic Coated Aluminium Magnesium alloy) cone profiles and rubber surrounds maximize the potential of the driver mechanism. The new surrounds allow greater cone excursions, allowing for lower distortion and improved frequency response linearity. The flush cone edge provides a very smooth response and a natural, accurate sound.

The Silver CP pivoting tweeter (In -Ceiling only) is based on Monitor Audio's famous 25mm gold C -CAM® dome. Improvements to the surround and motor system have extended the frequency response to 30kHz, so that it is ready to exploit new wide bandwidth digital audio formats such as SA -CD and DVD -A.

An additional high frequency control offers a fine -tuning option to allow the user to set up the system precisely and obtain optimum performance within the listening environment. This additional flexibility makes the Silver CP In -Ceiling and In -Wall speakers suitable for a wider range of demanding residential and commercial applications.
Bronze CP Features
The Bronze drive unit, (MMP® Mk2) offers an advanced driver technology developed from Monitor Audio's original Metal Matrix Polymer cone material and uses a high -pressure injection moulding process to achieve different thickness at critical points in the cone geometry. MMP® Mk2 provides better stiffness and consistency and tighter production tolerances, resulting in superior sonic performance. The new bass -mid chassis design has a vented rear section that reduces thermal power compression to deliver increased dynamic range and higher sound pressure levels. This venting also lowers distortion by balancing the pressure within the voice -coil motor system. It delivers clean, crisp bass and an even clearer mid -range performance.

High frequency performance has been improved by the evolution of the C -CAM® tweeter. The new tweeter utilizes a pivoting action (In -Ceiling only) to provide optimum imaging and flexible set -up options. The bespoke crossover uses high -grade polypropylene film capacitors and low distortion inductors.
Fitting CP
The easy -to -install CP loudspeakers will accommodate walls and ceilings with thicknesses of between 9mm and 32mm. A secure fixing for the speaker/back -box is made by simply tightening the fixing clamps. Each CP speaker is supplied with a paintable grille, cut out template, two grille membranes (one for use during painting and the other as a clean replacement) and two spare baffle fixing screws.

Monitor Audio CP Loudspeakers
In -Ceiling Bronze $249.00 each; Silver $349.00 each; Gold $499.00 each
In -Wall Bronze $299.00 each; Silver $399.00 each; Gold $549.00 each

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Monitor Audio designs and manufactures British loudspeakers of the highest quality. Since 1972 Monitor Audio has been at the forefront of loudspeaker technology, perfecting the implementation of metal drivers. They are renowned for exemplary speaker cabinet construction and finish.

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