Tens of Thousands Embrace BeInSync 1.0 For Greater Productivity When Working From Multiple Computers

BeInSync 1.0 keeps files in sync when working from multiple PCs at work, at home and on the go

Tel Aviv, Israel, December 6, 2004 - BeInSync today announced tens of thousands of individual and small business users have downloaded its new, secure, peer -to -peer synchronization software since the company introduced version 1.0 in August. BeInSync 1.0 ends the headaches individuals, small businesses and mobile professionals face in accessing data when working from multiple computers at work, at home and on the road. Today, thousands rely on BeInSync 1.0 to seamlessly synchronize files and emails among multiple computers to ensure their data is always in sync, accessible and easily shared.

BeInSync 1.0 appeals to individual and small business users because the software simple to install, use and maintain. Chris Loveless, director of e -business at a South Carolina -based manufacturing company, is representative of many users who have adopted BeInSync 1.0 after finding workarounds, such as e -mail, removable media or costly and complicated remote access solutions, failed to deliver adequate data access. `I have three PCs that I use for work - one at home, one at work, and a laptop I carry for travel. It has always been a problem maintaining the files on all three computers. Often, I would use a USB flash drive to carry files from work to home, or I would end up e -mailing files back and forth to myself. Invariably, I have worked on a file at home only to leave it on the home PC when I needed the new version at work. BeInSync allows me to keep all my files in sync. This saves innumerable savings on transfer time and allows me to maintain high levels of productivity and efficiency,` said Loveless.

Michael Storms, owner of California -based Storms Consulting, adopted BeInSync because the software met his data access and sharing needs without requiring a costly investment. `I use BeInSync to sync the files between my work and home office. What I find most impressive is that the software is simple to set up, and then once installed, you can just forget about it. All of your important files are automatically synced up. This is particularly important for me as the owner of a small business. I don't have time to invest in technologies that are difficult to manage and administer. BeInSync 1.0 makes working away from the office simple, and unlike other remote access technologies on the market today, it is completely secure,` said Storms.

BeInSync 1.0 is currently available for free download on the BeInSync Web site at www.beinsync.com for a limited time.

BeInSync is a provider of next -generation secure, private, peer -to -peer technology that maximizes productivity and data availability for individuals, businesses users and mobile professionals. BeInSync allow business users to free their mind from focusing on the access technology and to concentrate on their work, by ensuring their data is seamlessly available where and when they need it - at work, home or on the go. This is accomplished by networking disparate devices and automatically synchronizing the data between these devices, ensuring users can access and share their latest data no matter where and on which device data is located. For more information, visit http://www.BeInSync.com.

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