NetStreams® DigiLinX Perfect Partner for ReQuest Multimedia's AudioReQuest

Seamless Integration Allows 6-Song Playback from AudioReQuest Server Over DigiLinX IP-Based Distributed Audio System

Austin, TX - November 10, 2004 - NetStreams, the leader in IP -Based Networked Audio/Video distribution, is pleased to announce that its innovative DigiLinX IP -based distributed audio system interfaces easily with ReQuest MultiMedia®'s AudioReQuest Music Servers. The result is a perfect fusion of two remarkable systems, with added audio and control features, increased system efficiency, and greater ease of installation. ReQuest MultiMedia will launch new firmware for their AudioReQuest music servers for dealers to upgrade their products for this integration mid -November, 2004.

Herman Cardenas, founder and chief executive officer of NetStreams, is most excited about this new integration and what it represents to the company. "As audio and video distribution in the home is becoming increasingly IP -based, there is a growing need for manufacturers to develop products that will serve our consumers' new lifestyle." He further added: "The DigiLinX and AudioReQuest integration is a natural fit and is one important step in that direction. I see great opportunities ahead; we are experiencing the beginning of a new era in home entertainment."

The new firmware for AudioReQuest music servers allows for up to 6 simultaneous streams of uncompressed audio over the DigiLinX system, as well as meta -data for easy song selection and control from the Ethernet connection located on the rear panel of the AudioReQuest. It thus makes the AudioReQuest music server the first "native" device on the DigiLinX IP -based audio distribution system. This integration not only makes the AudioReQuest a compelling source on the DigiLinX home network, it also saves programming time and labor for its dealers. By using NetStreams' TouchLinX in -wall LCD touchscreen controller, end users can easily select a stream of uncompressed audio that they want to listen to from the Album cover art, song title, track title and artist information displayed on the AudioReQuest.

Steve Vasquez, co -founder of ReQuest Multimedia, joined Cardenas' enthusiasm. "NetStreams has established itself as a leader in networked audio and video distribution for its innovation and cutting edge technology. We at ReQuest Multimedia are glad to join forces with a quality team in providing the best products possible for our installers and homeowners."

The DigiLinX system, using NetStreams' StreamNet patent pending technology, distributes audio over CAT5e using TCP/IP on an Ethernet network, in a meshed networked architecture, allowing for automatic synchronization of audio throughout the home. For non -native audio sources, DigiLinX converts audio from a legacy source (Tuner, CD Player, other) in real -time, to uncompressed audio streams, allowing up to 24 bit, studio quality audio to be distributed throughout a home or commercial facility. All devices are network upgradeable.

Cardenas added: "Traditionally, distributed audio systems have been hampered by mediocre performance, limited expandability, poor user interfaces and highly specialized programming. Control signals were routed one way, IR signals another, audio and video handled in a myriad of ways, all with expandability limitations. The DigiLinX Audio Distribution System has been designed to overcome these issues and deliver high quality networked audio with ease and versatility throughout a home."

Among DigiLinX's most impressive features is its ability to access and distribute metadata from advanced digital audio sources like the Request Multimedia AudioReQuest music server. The data is then displayed on the color display of the DigiLinX keypads. Now, a consumer can access any source, from any room, at any time, and if the source provides meta -data, DigiLinX allows the music to be selected by Artist, Album, Song, and Genre, and can also display the 'cover art'.

The DigiLinX System can also distribute and play both uncompressed (.wav) and compressed audio formats like MP3. Additionally, because all of the processing code is stored in flash memory, updates to allow DigiLinX to support other new digital audio formats will be easily available in the future. DigiLinX does not limit the user interface to its keypads. Each component contains its own IP address and web server that can serve -up rich control pages to third party products such as PDA's, Web Tablets, Web TVs, or computers, for a new experience in music management.

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About NetStreams

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams provides sophisticated networked audio leading the marketplace in technological innovation. NetStreams is committed to utilizing state -of -the -art human engineering to create home entertainment products that are truly user -friendly and future -compatible. NetStreams is creating the future of home entertainment today.

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NetStreams is a registered trademark of NetStreams LLC. DigiLinX and TouchLinX are registered trademarks of NetStreams. ReQuest MultiMedia and Audio ReQuest are registered trademarks of ReQuest MultiMedia.

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