New stylish subwoofer satellite system from Tannoy

Arena is a radical new home theatre system from Tannoy. Blending form and function, this beautifully crafted audio system offers much more than gorgeous styling.

New stylish subwoofer satellite system from Tannoy

Arena is a radical new home theatre system from Tannoy. Blending form and function, this beautifully crafted audio system offers much more than gorgeous styling. Exceptional acoustic performance combines with application flexibility to deliver a system that defines the category.

The system comprises four satellite loudspeakers, a dedicated centre channel loudspeaker and an active subwoofer. Accessories provided include grilles, speaker cable, spikes and spike protection boots for use on polished surfaces.

Featuring a technological breakthrough from Tannoy, the satellite speakers bring together the company's renowned WideBand™ expertise into a brand new miniature (5") version of their world famous point source Dual Concentric™ drive unit. A single Dual Concentric™ driver is integrally moulded into the baffle of the organically styled satellite speakers. Offering the acoustic benefits of excellent dispersion characteristics and imaging, inherent in Tannoy's point source Dual Concentric™ design, the new 'Dual' goes even further with its built -in super tweeter. Extending the bandwidth effectively provides a more focussed sound stage, with vocals and instruments clearly more separate and distinct. Percussive sounds have more reality and impact.

Catering for the specific audio requirements of the front sound stage within a home theatre system, the dedicated centre channel loudspeaker is equipped with a supplementary bass driver to augment power handling. The rigid acoustic shell of the satellite and centre channel speakers, robustly constructed in cast aluminium, provides full acoustic optimisation of the drive units. The centre channel and satellite speakers are magnetically shielded to eliminate colour fringing effects when placed close to a television.

Available as optional accessories, Arena's versatile mounting platforms enable a variety of room integration solutions. Table stands for the satellite and centre channel speakers are fitted with a swivel mechanism allowing precise adjustment. The same stands are also equipped with a wall mounting plate and a carefully designed cable management system. There is also an elegant floor stand option.
Arena's powerful 300 Watt active subwoofer delivers tremendously controlled low frequency acoustics and integrates impeccably with the satellites to present an outstanding home theatre performance. The BASH® amplifier technology utilised, is a patented high efficiency power amplifier circuit topology that has taken the best of Class D and Class AB and created a new Class of its own. The power amplifier with its patented switch mode power supply delivers exceptional performance and excellent bandwidth with long -term reliability.

Depending on available space or the desired visual effect, the subwoofer provides various orientation options to optimise acoustic coupling to the listening room. The 250mm (10") driver can thus be positioned facing downwards, sideways or forwards.

The Arena subwoofer is equipped with stereo line level inputs, which can either utilise or bypass the system's internal crossover circuitry. An external control allows the low frequency extension to be adjusted manually from around 60Hz down to the unit's lowest operating frequency. This useful feature ensures the optimum settings for music or home cinema listening, adjustment to match the relative level of the main speakers or just setting to personal taste. Other features of the Arena subwoofer include an auto power on and sleep function whereby the system will go into a 'stand -by' mode if no signal is detected for approximately 12 minutes. In order to eliminate audible distortion, circuitry has been fitted to limit the maximum sound output. Output level is adjusted with a gain control and a phase control allows more precise matching with the room and the rest of the system.

Lavishly finished, the Arena system is available in a choice of magnificent high gloss colours - bronze, silver, white or black.

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