The StayAway deters pets with a harmless blast of air along with a corrective tone, quickly teaching your pets to stay off countertops, away from plants, out of rooms and off furniture!


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Protecting your furniture, plants and pets!

Victoria, BC (September, 2004): The StayAway is Contech's latest addition to its line of intelligent animal control products. The StayAway deters pets with a harmless blast of air along with a corrective tone, quickly teaching your pets to stay off countertops, away from plants, out of rooms and off furniture!

Compact and discreet with a replaceable canister of compressed air; the StayAway works great in tight spaces. The StayAway uses a super high sensitive motion sensor to detect when your pet approaches. When it sees an animal, it startles them with a quick blast of air, coupled with an alarm tone. The pet quickly learns that that area is a 'no go zone'. Once your pet has learned to stay away from the area, you have the option of turning the StayAway to the tone only mode in the event that your pet should forget its lesson.

Keeping your pets away from houseplants will not only save your plants from being destroyed, but can also be very important to your pet's health. Many household plants can be poisonous to both cats and dogs, causing symptoms ranging from digestive upset to respiratory arrest and other serious consequences.
"If your cat or dog does eat a plant, Dr. Crimi recommends taking them to the veterinarian, especially if the plants are Philodendrons or dumb canes (Dieffenbachia). These are probably the two most common houseplants in the United States and the ones that produce the most questions from clients....Other plants that could be fatal include hydrangea, kalanchoe, lily -of -the -valley, castor bean and foxglove…If you happen to grow one or more of these plants, don`t panic. There is no need to tear up the garden or throw away your beloved house plants. Simply keep pets and children away from your plants." Dr. Crimi is a past president of the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) (American Veterinary Medical Association )

The StayAway is a completely harmless, humane and extremely effective way of keeping pets in their place and out of yours!

Contech Electronics Inc., based in Victoria, British Columbia, was formed 15 years ago. President Erik Djukastein and his late father, Klaus Djukastein, made it the company's mission to improve harmony between animals and humans. Their focus on developing innovative new devices that really work has made Contech a leader in the pet industry. Contech is also known for its award -winning Scarecrow outdoor animal -repelling sprinkler, the WaterDog Automatic Outdoor Pet Fountain and the Scat Mat Electronic Pet Training Mat. For more information about Contech or any of our products, call 1 -800 -767 -8658 or visit


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